Tea Experimentation

In Notes:

Lock Down, Tea Experimentation started with Herbal Nana Mint, that is of spearmint. Very pleasant refreshing chilled overnight in the fridge. Brewed for around ten minutes. I recommend you shake the bottle for a few seconds before drinking.

All tests are with four measures of a tea measure spoon in a tea infuser double-wall glass water bottle. Drinking from a cast iron cup 100ml kept in the refrigerator from exoticteapot.co.uk


  1. Leaf. Organic Blue Tea, with exotic wood notes. From leafshop.co.uk
  2. Leaf. Organic black tea with malty spicy character from Assam.
  3. Leaf. Black Tea, with a flowery taste from Darjeeling
  4. Tea People, Moroccan Mint from teapeople.co.uk
  5. Tea People Organic Hemp Tea.
  6. Tea People Organic Turmeric
  7. Tea People Organic Liquorice.
  8. Tea People Organic Moringa
  9. Tea People Vanilla Rooibos



1, Can be chilled overnight very woody taste but moreish

2, Cannot be chilled turns milky brown and not a pleasant taste, to much tanning.

3, Can be chilled to much tanning makes the mouth dry. Felt ill just from one cup.

4, Can be chilled nice taste of peppermint slight taste of tanning must lower brewing time.

NOTE:  I have reduced brewing time to five minutes with a sand tea timer that gives the option of two minuets, three minutes and five minutes.

5, Can be chilled a nice summer taste bit dry at first overall pleasant.

6, Can be chilled refreshing not much taste until the bottom of the bottle shake before drinking, a flowery soft experience.

7, Can be chilled very nice and this is a strong taste like a hint of Bassets liquorice all Sorts? the pink and blue ones. Heavy going to drink but very refreshing.

8,  Can be chilled very flat hardly any taste. Might have to brew longer? After taste of tanning.

9,  Can be chilled very mellow almost a sweet taste moreish and refreshing.

In Conclusion,

Herbal Nana Min, Moroccan Mint two tea measures of each, brewed twenty minutes. I am a mint person this was a very nice tea and contrasting mint leaves a nice taste. Next I personally like spearmint so tired 1 measure of  Moroccan Mint and two Nana mint. I think Nana Mint wins with me as it can help with bowel problems, but Organic Liquorice could get me addicted to it. My shop brand of tea is Typhoo milk and two sugars of demerara sugar. I would like to thank all the front line workers including the Royal Mail for this would have not been possible without them. I would also recommend the teapeople.co.uk please visit there website.


Tannin please read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tannin

Phenolic content in tea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenolic_content_in_tea

Health effects of tea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_effects_of_tea

Happy Tea Drinking ~ Nicholas ~



Love Surpasses, There is no rejection of that you encounter, it is just memories for the history of youth.



Despair conjunction fracturing reality and peace, given the skies a kingdom of peace we cry, on theses shines abandonment insecurities can we live again. Where are we today all the days are coming there is love we need forgiveness man is second to nature we are nothing without.

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I remember you across theses days falling at your feet once no more forgetfulness cannot be the excuse do you ever remember, cried for you this day you gave dehumanization in carless words.

MakersPlace ArtWork



Never understanding across pathways, it is all before a new beginning can not evaporate give kindness receive kindness, time is time on facts are all the moment we know love can we say yes today to find words in this consequence.

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Low down on these blue nights, can this be lost to time heading for love in these gardens of where these oak trees wonder we change forever these times foretold in silks wonderment a glimpse of unsurpassable light of life remember we feel where we begin uncontrolled pain riding the highways of the skies I lost you.

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Live for Art.

Characteristic the essential quality
Social intelligence.

Your brain has about 85 billion neurons. Those neurons send signals across tiny spaces called synapses—of which you have 18–32 trillion—at a rate anywhere from 0.1–2 times per second. That means that somewhere between 18 and 640 trillion signals are zipping around your brain every second.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season. And to follow a peaceful new year.


~ Nicholas ~


Trapped in Memories

Do you not believe your own words in worlds past,
to explore modern madness it will encase you in darkness.
Creeping insanity to dark stars the lost generation.

To my grave outstanding views there was a prophecy,
Times change to evolve insanity once more this is.
Save yourself you do not have our time these years.

For you I serve I am yours through these seasons of love,
We can succeed even in starlight never lost my heart.
Nevermore the soul is broken on these words weaved.

Casting protection for you can you see the firelight this offering,
The beacons blending the signals for freedom this is only love.
Fallen kiss found our dreams let us be clear the consequence.

Broken hearts mend, never not leaving scars, our chance to you,
Take the lies to paper to burn we are never leaving.
No more arguments of nothing set myself free from slavery.

We are the same soul can you not read this is no fight tonight,
Awake no demons that sleep God is the pathways encased.
We are trapped in memories of time and space evaporation.

On angels’ wings come to me my love on morning mists,
weary times this human form wilts back to soil again.
Of man there is no escape from conflict of the eternity.


© Nicolás Leas-Celyn MMXIX

No Confusion

These autumn days send romance feeling your love tonight,
Unison harmony flowing like the world’s rivers.
To grasp from the turmoil, banish the confusion.

Walk the fields with open hearts recompense plant an oak,
Growing together before our age we can see.
We miss you long days but not in sorrow memories.

I lost my innocence to your forgiveness never sought,
Slow rolling clouds bring us thunder as the light strikes.
Open hearts bleed our consciousness I protect you.

Is this our love to give I see dreams on reality heartbeat,
The crow calls narrow thoughts to ignorance no silence.
Images flashing through the hemispheres connected.

Dear ones upon this morning the sun will shine once again,
The deep caves unravelled time we can be free.
Come through history sitting at hells falling pit.

Honour the fallen but never in forgetfulness we are sure,
Awakening child our only hope the awareness today.
Our mother falls to destruction at mankind’s hand.

Look closer at your awareness where are we now as night falls,
Rise from your sleep it is written of you, see these years.
Stand now there will never be peace.


© Nicolás Leas-Celyn MMXIX

Progressive Poetry – Fragmented

These Forgotten Days

Never-ending spirals in doubtful times shall we seek,
Death takes us all this environment ends of these forgotten days.
I am with you always my hearts shattered I am no soul.

Chasing the sun for no reason rescue me now lost on this barren landscape,
Asleep reality the waking hours fictional without doubt.
Reprogrammed I see you clear my friends as there are none.

Can I help you understand asking question you know the answer,
Beautiful her way I long for the day speak clearly now.
On red horizons there is no equilibrium casting shadows.

Communication is pain to the core leave silently this moment,
Under banners never seen infinity takes time our battle.
I wish you peace dear ones no more questions unfolded.

Escape I, cannot we help are you without encasement of the mind,
Expiring day after day give you freedom one day you will know.
Open your wings you are coming home for this peace.

We are everything yes, it is true of that about you and us,
Fading to sunlight waiting for the new golden age I will miss,
Hazy memories I see you in the mirror I do not look.

You have choice do not cast yourself to enslavement now,
Call for your freedom our souls have to right, never forget.
I awareness will seek you one day taking you to the universe.

Never be confused you are love.


© Nicolás Leas-Celyn MMXIX