Crisp blue cold sky under the shadows of the bare trees sleeping winters days
sound of the starlings flight sparrows sing the new day we walk this way
evaporating thoughts in the minds of our childish thoughts an age of dawning

we of soil atoms of mud a revolutionist in these women’s eyes the bells ring out for us
sing the soul in the new light of man we are betrayed by compliance what have we today
our lands are on the distant curvature of this beautiful Earth in communication of passing

beneath the feet of God together by day light our time is here now and nevermore
in wars we collide to darkness to the pit of nothingness of no escape time to take
hearing you say why there is no sound atmospheres we feel never ending hope this moment

now wake minds to the new age upon giving we have love we share open your feelings
ourselves dreaming this reality days long the candle burns to the wick tonight we are alive
I am your soul mate lost on confusion this winters day. 

© Nicholas Leslie 2014

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