Delta Dreaming

In the consequence of your love beaten to foolish dispare when I need you lost in turmoil as clouds glide mountain peaks where never fallen souls become light of the very sun upon my orbit closing to emptiness I need you God I ask for help on the dreams into sun light remove the confusion me I come forth to leave our greatest faith in you we are free

Into the river of blood cast before me baptized in hell on Earth save my soul bring my soul back to me this day smoke rises on the fires of justice flowing redemption we are not flesh and bone never more our spirit heaven sent upon the quest of knowledge at atom emotions of life force you are my heart God you are my heart

aces high I am the diamond to the end fallen to milliseconds give a damn don’t drop my beating heart live your name were victory the winds give to the sails life is your gift given from God in the dark matter of consciousness greatness waiting to flower full of love what is the way we feel endless heart we are of soil reality striking in our time stones on the lake of life ripples outward bound seeking more understanding

Delta dreaming bring me off my cloud no mercy in the fight born of demon seed watch me bleed no voice swallows fly my sky dancing light no explanation to end heart beats as butterflies wings under crystal clear raindrops sourcing our freedom sadly entangled minds eye clearly we are flower petals In the breeze on the cycles to ground everything is was and future, saint’s will close the door and say no more.   

we walk with death on the loneliness of the day waiting in out hearts the fortress laid waste no more no home wondering wilderness days are our years as tears fill our eyes on the darkest sky driving wasteland to say we are here our mind flowing to candle light with the glimmer moon crying lost souls the forgotten history on human end is upon torn hearts bleeding forever creation in motion fathers fall to time.

 © Nicholas Leslie 2015

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