Burn Bright

No conclusion remembrance in the air gathering sounds of war
flight into fear never white doves they came to claim your life taken from time carried across waters in flame we burn bright
the days of painful memory’s sharp in the heart tears binding holding fast minds in hate

Everything in time we came forth on dreaming angels orbiting essence of God
In our eyes wide shedding earthly emotions we claim the chains of innocence lost to life force dissipates to the ground
abating flowering virgin life ferryman take time we are dread here none a bed covered petals of the roses that grow for you in the dawn mist

Ad Lucem
Never forgotten.

The waken never ends with you as the century’s turn to fire I am dreaming my soul born in innocence forever fallen
dancing with life atoms collide our waters imagination answering our questions of life forever in geometry body fallen eaten bones
absolute value into dark nights biting penetrating the hearts of the already upon death Jesus محمد‎ calls your name.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015

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