What We Say

I show no mercy upon grasping your heart as I love in you moving slowly through the cold midnight rain take me away from the pain held me fast upon years minds eye seeing unbelieving tears I am a lost child of the stars in the fear of life fallen without justice there is no mountain scape

no last breath no life at all we do not understand our worlds collide fragile bones we are say no to death forces bring ourselves back to light never in the crowded cross hairs to measure to many bridges on the road my heavenly one we are alone running empty fallen closed

are evolving in the dark black-holes in consciousness neurons fail our minds now cry execute the rhythm encounters as light rises our souls like lonely moths to the flame roaring heat flows this landscape flaring minds catalyst on dreamers of never waken hearts

Spiritus Poster our darkest days we are war never ending circles of ceaseless regret never ending hate no option in annihilation keeps edges of steel sharp to the flesh search memory’s I see you fall to the feet in regret why did you as they say possession core vanity

you take my heart ripped from my chest as your amusement estrange our life muriad pathways frozen to the core in search of our multifarious in peace together desideratum sine qua non, hope.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 we belong to the stars gentle honesty of light at the beautiful chorus of warmth.

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