Found you in my arms formidable feelings of desire no coincidence you fall away in raptures of emotions no expression of feeling standing as the flower before as I am on my knees walking the street after the wanted  the rain catches my essence slow to draw conclusions the path ends the pain ends.

I held you in my heart find you in the music of love was cold you warmed my very soul the never ending story of mistake I am the fool lost you to time and mind to recapture feelings I find myself empty I need you to hold me once more taken to the light forgiveness and the words flow to like the river but no words to be spoken anger at myself of the doubt but is it true I love you more.

You scars given don’t be inflicting years of years of torment to the hate you love me gift to the sight taken to the floor  found the door cry freedom cry freedom finding peace solitude where cry freedom wear your chains of fear find me in the trees of the years surpassed  no sound the breeze soft gentle sun caressed skin burning find me there freedom of the birds digging the ground to find the stones to find the beneath so to clime to the heavens.
Surrounding Elements

Fury eyes torn do you know you are born starved hungry for love a many heart broken  the wake of your beauty no simple terms to question the reality slipped in to the warm  covers of your wings take me to heaven and never let me fall reached forever enlightened.

Wind blown hair eyes of crystal blue makes me wonder six hours to honesty travelled the road that is cold wish to sit close to the fire and take to the arms of warmth see you laugh see you cry this is me time lost to innocence keep me alive keep me to your heart a wish for better days was that lost when the rain washed my body summer fresh warm how I could see you there.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 As The Pain Nights of Passion Your Scars

Enlightened My Day Dream

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