I hide a million tears honesty truth the pain can I show you no lies inflicted to the truth I do not lie  I say I love you speaking in riddles wish to be free expressive nature take within our way enlightenment what is worth filled with no meaning you are I am a fool give me the freedom it cuts me deep heart broken in pieces I found you there humorous where is the fault to place blame insight wake

thoughts intentions I have nothing but you surrounded good intention my feelings for love cry for the lighter mood smile images brake my fall of inspiration we of ice taken to the heart you live with me forever my thoughts are in you.

No Blues Any-More, We Had the Sky, Nothing Dies, I,
Music of Life, First Sight, Holding Light

We are but open doors feel the relativity came to you in the darkness of day your light shines wishes for you trodden under the logicalness of life open your mind with your wings and fly understand me capitulated in chains freedom the spirit withered seeking the perfect image no more.

The world evaporates around you far reached to the depth of sanity
what is the end of thoughts unbound relevancies  to facts under breath
mocked strong words to amour the defence shield  saturated we earth wish you no harm.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 A Million Tears Live With Me

Forever Logicalness Of Life Words to Amour

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