Meine Seele Spricht Poesie

What is in your eyes deep blue planets of your soul beauty I cry found myself there forever lost to me your smile encapsulated heart as turned away setting your spirit free elevation’s to the ground snow capped mountains I reach for your kiss don’t loose me to trouble keep me to heart guided spirit to open pushed essence of man to remain gentle from fact taken to the sea don’t worry take yourself to the shore find the peace as the mist the waves the flow caresses.

Never thought it would come to this angel heartbroken I fall fell to hell to many times chances are there chances captured my heart you captured my soul we are one we were one for times shaken the very ground full circle karma ripped take my heart it is yours be safe be at one feel me feel the answers commitment is all that is asked. 

The colour from facts placed upon the stream bare footed and free to walk cold waters cleansed of burdens I told you it would be freedom no more it is evaporated dreams you will never know the truth killing my mind your game is played cry for freedom cry for freedom find myself there unhindered walk the stream with the spirit nature.

Makes me wonder down to zero completed journey of nine years moving on to new ground lost so much time for nothing does she turn to hate no truth in any words we were one never to see you forever chasing rainbows

found me in consequence promises compromised those days a bed of lust you knew experience of the very soul unbound connection active activation forever grounded burnt to the freedom.

My soul speaks poetry break the silence watchers read how love at first sight
gives the reason softly caressed brow longing to speak words of romance
taken from heartache I see you there on flight of mighty steel wings hours to paradise in your arms feel me when I say there is no stone that is to heavy
we will carry.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 Deep Blue Planets, Answers, What Are You Thinking, Does She Turn To Hate, Meine Seele Spricht Poesie

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