Dative Bond

Walking barefoot the road of shards come join the following hearts to seek answers there is no question to be asked dark clouds cast the skies with fear our new world call for our souls to return bring the day future day in recompense save mother never dammed fists pound rock bones shatter as the drums sound cry for freedom all our hearts.

Afterlife everliving source bring light to minds of the flesh in our setting sun
we are vapour connections in this wind no story telling below zero in the core
creation elements combine neurons in love we are the brave for falsifier end.

Open eyes we see you combining becoming weak the weak give forth no conclusion born verbera death this is why our creation atoms in miracles in energy formed human made hell surrounds this Earth imbalanced in forgotten peace.

footsteps hear the footsteps in protection of thrones we never seeRetro
finished this day we gave our heroes silence as they should be with crowns 
set fire the bridges doomed in failure never in acceptance the llantos of souls
they call for war.  
Call the fortune in your eyes slipping mortality moralities hold it there
live on experiences from heat contact flesh stay steady show the love
no to flowing tears rivers collide the mind impulses taken years seconds pass
flight your atoms cleanse execute outwards karma surrounds stolen hearts.

Laden memory fall catch my seeing in leading to the stars rise your spirit
come the red dawn catch falling leaves this road takes eternity lost
waking the oceans we our keepers turning circles of dreamers never is shadow
speak softly my caress warmth from the heart in fusion this for evermore.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 Everything is formed from atoms in chaos the more chaos the greater the creation forming unique conceptions of God the absolute Infinite.

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