Unique Flow

IN Poetry:

The Morning Edge Of Crystal, Beyond Diesel, Angels of Spring

Sheering light uncovered the truth beholden we are upon the failure screaming see me essence spoken empty no trust. Impassable paths conquer thoughts
to the one the only you solid ground ripped speak upon the flowing breeze forgiveness edge of crystal  feared my heart

sound to the mind melting to soft rhythms shutting down emotions we can be star vapour in goodness walking embrace my life equal no divisions we are upon the same

Motions travelling thoughts to wake bound by emotions tearing visions
sound upon the sound of tears falling dry my bones crack foretelling
futures breathing easy no more grasping empty
angelical essence stare my coregroup logo large_bg copy

burning deep the blood runs beyond diesel heart upon
heart thrown pierced eaten alive save the light save soul dusk falls
Save me angels of spring I believe in you take me from disaffection
as I light another cigarette slow death of age this hurts bounds suffocation of the heart

walking the path of disadvantage placed words bound bondage to the core
crying sounds of the lost clawing stone undeserving light evaporation darkness
warm caress of seasons change dew drops fresh unique flow

found fallen naked lifted from soil
release from pain time as the flame burns
answers to the light given.

© Nicholas Clarke 2015 Interaction no, Opinion no, Judged None! Consideration I Throw my Hands in The Air and you Watch! Konnichiwa, Salut, Szia, Namaste, O HAI, Merhaba, Jambo, Hoi, Aloha, Hola, Kia ora, Sawubona, Mbote, Mingalaba, Kumusta, Shalom, Salaam, Góðan daginn

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