The swords clash around our heads sleeping our minds in fade of shame there Is no light any more sequence surround darkness take your life hope there is hope take memory’s of your light bring forth your sword

distilled faith grasping your heart hear know beating of angels wings trees our mind made of wood geniality brakes our souls of forgotten hammering throwing hammers clasps grasps we never will fall to stoneSound-Domes

rise open your souls our God comes within us save your dignity holding miracles day for day take your breath passing to life return to me in the eyes of the first born never stop your thoughts

blue humming birds wipe my tears tear diamond of sand holding my hand walls collided around our rooms dimensions in the light of the blood I am who you need anything grasping clouds our skies we need love me love me not degrading flowers upon pathways in language

 © Nicholas Clarke 2016 Do I know you.

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