Delete The Elite

This Is wrong to say delete the elite worlds economics have come to a point where upon governments need to reset. Aggression Is wrong party politics does not work we do not need to draw any more sides barriers need to come down to alliances, government with no singular president or prime minster or head of any government they to readily forget there there to serve the public and society.

The new metropolitan anti terrorist police have been unavailing today I say we need this presence on our streets as global policies of government have failed and produced utter barbarianism of the minority’s governments have abused for years.

The fiat banking system needs to be dismantled to rid us of greed and jealousy, There Is so much more to life we need to find the new golden age open the minds of the masses and not through negative propaganda, Tell the truth do not hide we need to find community of the masses this planet Earth will be at extinction If we don’t.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

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