#Skifakore In Flight

Spare some affection dominance core your the wrong kindred
minds deserves more a heart In reflection we of stars ours collided
you have no where to hide taste the freedom peace one your soul
 no more chains that make you blind no minds my heart breathes 
 beautiful consequence be yourself leading doors In the skies
 once struggling we don't need your permission grinding stones 
 balance feelings Into Severn years flowing passing It's hope
take broken body's from the floor away from the shards of spears
love make tenderest your heart set yourself hearts each sings
come with me through chorus of winter leaves 
pathways to memories claim your universe 
 hold for one day our angels of dreams hear through nature
 be with me In warmth grasping a life time we are changing 
 coming back to the lost worlds our time.     
 © Nicholas Leslie 2016

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