Day no peace slipping slowly into your darkness close your eyes hold fast I feel you there Is no time but now we have bonded hold me tight feel your mind gripping solar flares advanced to our souls connected skin on skin dancing joyous atoms In flesh we are one

I come to you In healing peace free your thoughts transcending
open your heart let the energy flow In your veins take control
your master has arrived flowing force across the skies
vision up vision take control grasp your salvation dreamers.

creation In forms the matter falls our angels clear In peace
twisting thoughts cast away the negative we ask you dream
hearing movements In silence falling across the lands
In the dark roads we walked the sewing of wheat passed to fear.

we are out of vanquished lands protection the angel of death
realisation upon earth In consequence I must leave now
drummers will drum to the world grasping chaos with sticks
beating rhythm In love flowing waters grasping implosions.

time has you my dear ones Earth will have her way today
walking on winters sandy shores beaten by raining water
find the love find your love the never ending cycle In memory.

appetency with you my spirit of healing calling century ways
the wolves mooré out of worlds In opening times our dimension
grasping holding caress our hearts no other love but ourselves.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

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