I Found You

I found you In sunbeams dancing In fields of joy, hold my heart before you sleep, say no to doubt. As we meet In dreams of love I care my lover time grows our trees In the light endless forests, In growing freedom to the native soil, our lands are peace nature will surpass boundaries In the minds In fear.

Waters run clear giving life no one shall pass this time of our humanity. Stand with angels through dark skies open wings gathering love we In love the nature flowing stand strong watchers time travels nothing wasted eagles will soar your mind grasping the universe, the love share your love to man woman and children. The days are short there Is night In days hold close In my arms surrounding mountains encase the land.

Cycle upon cycle no words listen no sound no waves enveloped our minds back to the land of our fathers. Diamond shards fall the Earth atom chaos compelling the truth, they talk to you In the winds of valley edges wide, see the truth.

behold the lies hold your peace given love God of God’s justice befalls enslavers this day rejoice In your mind, hold the love In your heart give freely no to shame these are our children’s ground no more tears our minds come back to the light care our forces to protect.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016

2 thoughts on “I Found You

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