Don't blame liberty for the romance twenty thousand years we are the stars life levels in mind consciousness the moon rises your flight, planet nine never leave we cry meeting on dreams on stone floors sleep nevermore

clear orbits golden age comes to me In fading candle light, the wars are over one two three the wall of Jericho fall before our many years In tears gave me the silver heart the sign In peace distance In our the way

seeking reality eyes wide never ascending love spoken rise woman your soft touch clears the mind contact here right now rise woman

standing on broken ground water rising seeing storms part the skies the passing will be the way to freedom this Is clear, we are calm minds kindred In gold speaking fear, dominance passing to ashes no embers

care for the lost earthmen, eclipsing darkness never seen we are the dawn comes claiming your souls for Earth shadows our hearts man lost to time wake woman wake.  

© Nicholas Leslie 2016


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