Hitting The Edge

Found silence in your mind pulling polar energy from the skull ripped nerves open heart we will never be apart echoes ripping the ears base line descenders we never surrender crashing the mind see you there elliptical sharp to the core screaming winds overtake essence open.

Towards the light we run shutting down sequence begun, no to the truth it is a daydream we see and are unique to the dream helpless never more, have the power of gods for evermore. Splitting words as Earth collides the senses gravitational time we are power to your thought power to you the children, future saved blinded by senseless denominational black spirits of power.

Money they sing stand take your stand open the eyes to mother we are forever born endless energy, sequential hear our hearts sing to the power of what is ours hitting the edge of angels taking flight the mind of endless creations, connections singing from one thought take the love be free.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

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