Eight months and a day the night took me away
fledglings grounded to soil heart beats become.
Time slips away forgotten pathways we are one,
I thought I have seen you what have you done.

We are no angels city caverns upon feet toiled.
Gifted to sail the cosmos no words will describe.
Energy eyes foreseeing the end of day’s whispers on the wind.
penance falling fast we are karma rolling waves upon oceans.

I love you and nobody knows me chambers in chaos insanity.
The edge slipping faith only for you this Is our time.
Move humanity were done letting you go begone from me.
catch my mind on the summer breeze this Is our love.

Cry for the people we are war we are no peace,
trust In life take fear cast it to the pit open.
darkness become you my dear drink the blood of saints.
thrilling freedom gasping for life take stand we can go.

Touch me upon my bleeding skin as we walk volcanoes.
come down from the mount of your loneliness, Take Me.
Is this for your love I’m walking away lost In my soul.
highways of cold stone cold minds obscuring we.

forty nine orbits of life many fallen along the ways,
remember me on storms of life lighting your heaven.
We will never live or die.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017

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