Gather the Wounded

Flowing sunshine across the mountains of your dreams were not fools walking pathways of the past can we find our-self, In these dreams desperation falling before the feet of mighty oaks the legacy I leave.

They softly whisper names becoming angels of sacrifice this day, Our point never worlds In these eyes. Passing time once In fear never again to the soul In ascending skies, cold cold skies there Is no flesh.

Taste redemption echoes the valley see here we hear the movement, awake my people, we grasp the watchers seething In dark matter healing light upon thee take justice never In sorrow.

Striking lightning your birthrights conquer sheer blackness feasting on the lost open your arms gather the wounded and heal. hear mighty flames escaping caverns to cleanse demons In our world.

Evolution ice will come never the day you are lost In nightmares of injustice save our children save our family's save the light never to regret, do more this day to the light answer that question laps light stones faces In the trees.

Hold forth mankind to extinction nature lives forever more our mother embers we surfaced gathering minds In injustice free the mind this day we can say we tried.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017

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