Blessed, Woman

Crashing thunder crossing the skies In your eyes. The piano plays your melody where Is the hope. As the bells ring out demons called to there knees.

Were lost to the true form never say no more. dancing away with emotion on stones forgotten. Humans will not help you now eclipse.

Collect the words no understanding neutralize be clear come forth species grasp time. Control you never held lost insanity claims.

Cry out your moon tonight run In flight love. Mind bleeding dreams hold tight, no words to cry hold my hand to heal.

Take away the masks climb with me day. Here they come with there fire In the dark, die we die to the end of infinity as, the sun burns out clasp our coldness.

Miscalculation be blessed woman never fall. Let me pass to channels beyond reality, I have no more time to say I love.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017

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