Your Presence

Bring back my innocence cannot live with this world,

Walking on my grave ashes to shore never more.

I can see the end of the rope your never alone my survivor.


Love taken from our hearts channelling souls take away this pain,

Can as you should help falling to the street in lights of this way.

Coming pathways, we know we passed the great fires of hell.


Regrets contaminated thoughts have mercy Jesus we see God,

Comfort in aspirations is this the only way we can see.

Saying goodbye never easy notions of change.


Wars built on greed no more suffering of these nations,

Let dark matter come forth concave hate to nothingness.

Let love live again as it was ever of search people.


Hold my heart now do not cry happiness is the belief,

Do not hide believe yourself we can heal mankind.

I miss you this distance wide open skies for you to fly.


Walking corridors that never give angels a chorus today,

Slight mirrors building this home feeling your presence.

Dreams no more time we are open I ask you here now.


I lost to love reprise I found my angel never give up hope,

You are brave never forget absolute value of you.

Blackness times define the love to have never loose hope.



© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry

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