Bring Tomorrow

I want you here with me share the love missing pieces of my heart,

In the life poetic I share thoughts in darkness grasping for the light.

We see your pain grasping take it away I will talk to you cry with you.


A cut flower dies a slow death screaming for mercy are we life,

On this cross-no thorn to beckon light we forgive return the light.

I kill myself on the days in nothingness that gives life upon.


To history we travel the bank-side of words this is the secret,

Walking pathways of change call yourself you are love.

Lost mothers watch over you we are at peace tonight.


Memory’s that are never told this justifies the song of man,

Women your angelic many forms learning from our birth.

Carried with fastness my dripping blood across pathways.


Can you see we can eclipse hate and fear tell the tails,

Severance paying the fair times you are in my heart.

Reach for your light seeing you in despair bring tomorrow.


Fear takes you come back to me this softness grasping thoughts,

Hawk fly’s across midnight once more can we help this suffering.

I have seen this dark night chased by death do not fear.


Human across this atmosphere be free.





© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry




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