Nations Fall

From the seeds casted for creation this is a killing nation,

We will have no rights for humane care as they take.

The tears will fall to broken promises assurances no more.


Walking devastated lands of sands of the wind where are we,

Nations fall into ignorance of the blood letting of our children.

Can we stand fast for our younglings we take the future from.


Misconceptions propaganda are you a real person now cry,

We do not catch sleep easy under these lies of misinformation.

We die in our souls sound the drums to freedom and peace.


Who is the debt too these chains holding you as the wolf cries,

We are broken past our bone’s oxygen setting sail to death.

Tails volcanic rocks of power grasping at nature can we see.


Emitting unholy sounds across the lands they come to change,

Our emotions will relate to nothing seed mother Earth now.

Do not hold high the rocks from the skies we are created.


Swimming in our pollution ingested this never-ending waste,

I have lost the innocence guilty of caring in the uncaring world.

The new generation will bring you to account falling angels.


We are born to die to see our death to learn cannot you see,

Let us, we give hope invention the creator let there be peace in your heart.

Fight now children overcome ignorance grow back Earth


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

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