You Say

Holding you fast in my I am dying slowly casting no shadow,

Burning across the skies you are my witness tonight.

Fallen angels are we all there is no time just infinity.


Spectrum light flows around us all through dark matter,

Back to the clans of old as the vortex of nature collapses.

Open your hearts dear friends see the Sun rise.


We are the last hope of these spirits bring choices can we live,

Foreseen our memories change there is no history just future.

Do not flow empty nothing is meaningless I say goodbye.


Under this moonlight bear the soul repent indifferences,

We are still in darkness as the words flow towards the mind.

Can I hold you can we heal cast protection now.


The rivers of blood no reason this is madness annexed,

We have no meaning we are love cannot you see.

There is no freedom to ask of this is the web of spiders.


Open these words cast away your fears as we know,

plain sight I feel for you tonight do not despair.

We are own desolation across continents.


We have no time for reality our forests grow bare,

We cannot stop mother Earth cleansing times.

Welcome to your future as we rot in graves of shame.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII

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