This Honour

There is no distance between us you are never alone,

Ventured to hell to much time lost for fools,

Walking this distance all we can find is love we are.


Thoughts are no consequence touch me forever this is,

Hold fast to your dreams I leave unrepentantly slow.

Down these roads watching light pass we are free.


Layers never told come to me on my last word forever,

Talking in wavelengths there is a consequence of life.

You are love there is no question to be answered.


We have angels caress tonight this for ever no end,

Specks of light through dreams of you, I know you care.

See yourself upon skies healing broken hearts a chance.


Mirrored echoed full circles in this night never told,

Be in happiness I wish upon you your freedom now.

Inconsequence walking fields of remembrance.


You came to me on soothing words of wisdom this honour,

You are my salvation I wished for you on despair in desolation.

Never give passing nights of loneliness this matters not.


The hurt is real we cannot change this fact take the stance,

No words to heal only but yourself we are born alone.

Are ancestors we are they hold our thoughts realms.


The clans unite under our flag no spoken words equality,

Children of the world that is your gather the voice,

Upon this equilibrium can we find balance to the deaf.

Conclusion further from truth hear the cries lets shout.


Dedicated to Greta Thunberg
© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

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