KeyLearnt the basics of photography and developing at Bodenham School Hereford with thanks to Ted Saunders. Studied Life at Herefordshire College of Art June 1984 Under Tutor, Mike Harding. Self taught BBC Basic Computer Language and Programming. Studied Computer Programming at Great Barr, Technical Collage Birmingham. Studied Business Administration at Coleg Ceredigion. Studied IT Coleg Gwent Abergavenny “The Hill” Campus, followed course on the business starts Programme at Antur Teifi completed all modules. Working with computers from the year 1981 and my first web site was registered on 03-Dec-2004 my experience extends, website implementation coding graphical aspects, design,  HTML and CSS along with PHP, JavaScript editing Flash, Video and Gif. Media management also with various on-line shops e-commerce management, fifteen years now with Photoshop, PSE. Implementation of stock control with with experience In Sage. Studied creative writing with Briony Goffin and also script writing with Russ Gascoigne at Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning. Published three books with Blurb this poetry collection ranges from 2005 to 2013 Back to Life, To Life Awakening, To Close to Zero. Have been featured on the BBC website, released my first EP Collectivism on the  17 October 2015. Worked with BEPCymru on the Bipolar Education Programme Cardiff University volunteered for HealthWise Wales. Currently webmaster for numerous sites including Georgia Louise The Fine Artist. If you are a charity and require assistance or just advice there Is no charge, especially If you use WordPress, and I am always open to constructive criticism.

~ Nicholas Leslie ~

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Book descriptions: Science Fiction, Progressive Poetry. writing Science Fiction is part of my world. The creator of the world of Essavadore that is home to the Skifakore beings, protecting humankind from themselves. Imagine, if you can, a world of sensitivity, creativity, love and passion. A world where material things matter not. A world of nature and harmony. A protective world that understands the failings of mankind but seeks to empower humans to be the very best they can be. Essavadore is part of Earth and Earth is part of Essavadore only time and dimension separates them. This book provides a Science Fiction Romance against a backdrop of a conspiracy theory scenario. Three books, Fragmented series It gives the reader an insight in the progressive nature of a creative mind whilst displaying raw emotions that can make you laugh or cry at will. The work invokes a passion in the reader and empowers them to seek the unimaginable, the impossible… the dream. For those of you who enjoy Science Fiction books, Essavadore and Fragmented Poems is for your bookshelf or on kindle books.
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