There is no singular reality we live in death our power is combined with everything omni not flesh and bones our energy is part of our universe and part of the ever expanding cosmos in chaos we can not be measured by units of any given circumstance we inhabit humanoid form to learn lessons through every interaction even breathing oxygen is a lesson.

We don’t have eternity with our human form that is given by forces of nature our God within this we need time to expand our mentality. And to achieve a greater state of mind of answers that are asked of us self evaluation is key in this proses. We do not suffer physical, mental pain for no reason It Is our task in the journey of knowledge.

~ Live & Love ~

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 Full Circles We Are Star Children.

Severn Sins:



#1 A script is only a tool to fire the directors imagination

#2 The imperfections and miss orientation are part of the creative proses and are essential to the resulting image.

#3 There is always multiple perspectives to envision alternative outcomes.

#4 Writing without knowledge is freedom of the senses.

#5 To study a form lets your artistic mind gain creativity for an outcome of the subject in any artistic media.

#6 Intrinsic qualities the importance of art, look upon your subject from an uneducated point of view.

#7 Everything is in the detail of how the subject forms a relationship with itself and surroundings within the subject matter.    


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 Our universe is one of multiverses
expanding in a bucket of dark matter sitting in gods potting shed.


Backing down on the crown of thorn’s never in tolerance life Is close never in focus clasped hearts in fear will never hear our fallen angels in war in the sea of blood don’t cry my children were clear the horizon of pain coming to the end my friends  pixel

soft music echoes the air of natures calm raise your minds to never look back the following demons for your flesh pace to pace no road ends upon darkness cremation throw away to the winds in the west hail storms become you

emptiness I forgive lost you on the star shine skimming thoughts eyes wide
we come we are forever travellers in nature saviours of stellar astrological
skífakore we are lonely no more knowing love tearing hate to atoms your mind

come walk with me show your heart the smile clears the mind say hello
waiting our time free of destruction greeting for my heart say no to pain
call angels wrapped wings in calm skies we can be love.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 we are and
evermore the cosmos of skies infinity.

The Reptilian Brain


The reptilian brain has taken the world basic instinct of our first layer of the three sections of the human brain creates aggression, fear and anxiety and we listen to it far more than we should it is global control forefront of secret associations, societies and cults this keeps the average man in place to be used as a tool. We must find ways to enlighten the genial public and strive for greater thought processes we can achieve. Government’s strive to segregate It’s public this keeps them with control over the populace they use our basic instincts against us through all media also data research without us knowing.

You only have to look at WW2 to see what man is capable of there is no care for the greater spirit within us all It is kept to constant confrontation between country’s for a reason.

Well living in the west how can this effect us It has been for century’s If there no willing people to do menial tasks the governments would have no power this comes to the power pyramid again. Think tanks should be in place to find ways to elevate the overpowering reptilian brain, to find ways to access greater thought processes This could open pathways for a greater consciousness for everyone we need to stop conflict we are adults for the greater purpose planet Earth is not a playground time to grow up humanity and start looking after each other.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 #Art and #Science need better inherent social interaction to obtain better public relations to forward knowledge in a coherency for the populaces. x

The System


The system is ordered to keep working people working to fuel the governmental.
Our working force is kept in-line by a monetary processes this system is collapsing unsustainable in long term civilizations new processes need to be found.

A system needs to be brought forward for all civilians of every nationality and nation where wealth is allocated equally in all groups of people of any country
They do not pay for materialistic with money It’s paid with hours of the workers life We must value these people even more that’s everyone no matter what circumstances. The global economy should be more tight knitted for the better of these people of the global work force.

What is needed is a greater sharing of wealth it should not be about profit it should be for the people. This could work especially with corporations to spread profits more evenly even to the lowest paid worker even if this person is not even in the same country they should be treated equally, percentages should be divided of any profit with all workers this will lead to better circulation of wealth stabilizing country’s economical problems in the process.

As I see the way forward is wages and profit percentages equality for all global workers and family’s, highly funded education programmes for everyone no matter there nationality or country also highly funded research programmes in all fields of science.
To sum up we need our governments to appreciate humanity and not see real people as business plans and numbers.

Peace Be With You. xox

Appreciation Collectively


Just a quick note I have given up on Facebook It is a lost cause driven by advertising and always asking you to advertise your page no coincidence there then. This note is to say thank you sincerely to my regular readers approximately 336 of you people I would not be still doing this If It was not for you. I currently have 1400+ subscribers and a big thank you goes out to you too please consider my Google+ Community. You may also wish to follow on Twitter but If none of these options are for you please email me directly I am always starved of feedback.

Peace be With you All xox

Collective Consciousness


Collective consciousness breaking through to the truth no man was ever created by a singular entity in any form. The term God is to collect for the people who think of themselves as our betters I must agree that these people have no judgement greater than ourselves. To keep the people in line as in the power pyramid It’s civilized and money be-gets money but all will answer to God, The way to think of God is that this is all nature infinity and omni.

God is complete born from chaos there is no set form and it is impossible to explain of we as human do not have the mentality or brain power to conceive the idea of the power that Is God.
Creation was no accident set in pathways of nature, the nature that Is God of what who why what were we all should be grateful no matter how short our stay is or suffering undergone by thousands upon millions of people caught in power struggles in the pyramid power games that the privileged undertake. 

These are empty words and I have no right to try and explain God to anyone along with any church or mosque there are no explanations, story’s or belief system that could undertake the understanding of God everything is right and everything is wrong at the same time. It will take only your life time to understand in the moment your brain shuts down and all I can say is ask for Gods help at this moment and you will be with nature, God.    


© Nicholas Leslie 2015


Not one singular #Deity, The human race as a species of close relationship to one-another to believe in one God is not satisfactory. It has taken billions of years for evolution to develop what we conceive of life today, We have come forth from #Mud made from the stars themselves. God or in as God’s are the combining force keeping eternity together our life in existence can be described in milliseconds of energy atoms bound by God. Born of imagination and the need of our human belief emotion we need guidance as we are lost to ourselves this was created inspired role models for peace unity and freedom in religion.

It has been all to easy to distort as the human mind does to itself, We need to open our hearts to unity and cease the power struggles of governmental systems. The few take the challenge brave souls who care to help the underprivileged globally and spirituality takes a great part in helping these individuals in there calling. The years are closer together and the human race is running out of time, We will all be called to justify our own existence so now you need to change ask why am I here. I declare peace be with you always never live in fear we are all souls of the cosmos and the Gods love you, this is life force.


  © Nicholas Leslie 2015  

Tribute To Joan Armatrading


I’m not in love
Only son in a generation
Thank you Joan we are dancing
In the rain we love

Feeling love
Feeling love

Dancing in the rain
We make the difference my friend
With affection we have each other

Feeling love
Feeling love

Hold me Joan
Hold me close in your mind
Thank you from history
From zero to climbing the stars
From somebody who found you.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015  Original Music by Subir Dutta All Feedback Is Appreciated.


In Notes

All these corporate shops mention no names all declare they wish the best for there customers. If this is the case why do they continue to sell tobacco products.Tobacco is very big business and an evil cycle of death and harm the Tax revenue In the UK from tobacco in 2012/13 amounted to £12.3 billion – £9.7 billion in excise duty plus £2.6 billion in VAT. So why would the British government give a total all out ban of sales It is more interested of balancing the books of the NHS where all UK citizens are just numbers in the governments finances. 

I am a smoker from an age where it was deemed reasonable to smoke even in enclosed spaces and as we know now this is very harmful I have a complete negative complex about smoking around other people I just try and not do this. I started smoking from the age of sixteen and wish I never started I have tried all ways to give up but no success even the medication could not help me as it sent me into a deep depression and suicidal. You see I am an emotional and addicted tobacco smoker there should not be a choice to buy this product there should be an all out global ban and stop the profit from death.  


© Nicholas Leslie 2015