Exemption Cards

Issue people on JSA, ESA and PIP VAT Exemption Cards so the 20% added tax Is not taken In transactions from retail outlets.
So to say If JSA Is £40 a week %10, £4 should be taken on payment then allocated to a poverty fund to be accessed by people on all benefits.
This system will monetise itself and continue to help the most vulnerable people instead of crises loans that have to be paid back.


To stop the continuing cycle of bad debt for people in the benefits left110system.

Aether Share Your Spirituality

I do not wish to walk these fields without you this winter Is coming my dear life has no way walk with me this day thought Is creation cast further Into the future skipping memory I’ve found you a place In my heart for you claim your mind wake wake gather nature closer surround yourself with the heavens and listen.

Open find better days years flow we meet in the rising sun formed the figure of goddess awake sing out to the day recapture my heart missing feelings of desire flowing just the love no dancing in shadows light open no darkness day turns to night moon rises to capitulate wide open sky clouds drifting by shimmering the moonlight.

Gentle caresses of soft forms melted to soft heat glimmering soul fire the state of mind explored captured thoughts mind drifts to better days healing history no bitterness finding you there my name is forgotten to words that drift to time endless evolving universes open to fly no destruction earth form taken back to soil dance with me upon the breeze we are everything.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Never Quit Your Dream
For Professional Dreamers And Unprofessional Alike.

Delete The Elite

This Is wrong to say delete the elite worlds economics have come to a point where upon governments need to reset. Aggression Is wrong party politics does not work we do not need to draw any more sides barriers need to come down to alliances, government with no singular president or prime minster or head of any government they to readily forget there there to serve the public and society.

The new metropolitan anti terrorist police have been unavailing today I say we need this presence on our streets as global policies of government have failed and produced utter barbarianism of the minority’s governments have abused for years.

The fiat banking system needs to be dismantled to rid us of greed and jealousy, There Is so much more to life we need to find the new golden age open the minds of the masses and not through negative propaganda, Tell the truth do not hide we need to find community of the masses this planet Earth will be at extinction If we don’t.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

Life Events

Every so often life throws a changing experience that brings you to the peak of your personal knowledge, A life changing event In a form where upon
you need to change your self awareness but over time this personally fades to the subconscious and we continue with the way we where our comfort zone.
What we need to learn from this Is not let anything pass without any thought, Life Is a quest for knowledge we are a species that need to mentally and spiritually develop and care.   

© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Art Is #Imagination.