Cities in the Skies

We are going to cities in the skies the minds eye soaring freedom I see you there wings of steel  envy at the afterburner glow shaking the ground at the speed of sound encapsulated far from earth an age sitting on the edge of darkness you are in the motion of rebirth to the world awake to the sunset no heavy task slow motion as the fire dances nerves of steel bring you home

to the race that never sleeps hear is the sound of shattered glass this bullet proof feel surround
unquenched thirst forced me there open arms gathered kiss of natural exchange exchanged off world to the bold the night enlighten me feelings to the unknown just to love me hardship on the part your emotions the wall lighting the way mist of universes vaporise at your feet keep keep me don’t cry

I found you at the fall taken of splinters withdraw your dagger warm foreverness as we lay together bonded souls taken from the dark the moon shines in your eyes as the tear floods of joy we are one I was only dreaming found you in the light quenched thirst salvation from the far side howling sun bright mind snapping tethers I see you there lifted beauty form glistening

fact will not loose legends of the flag friends are like tear drops in the ocean and I am but a grain of sand I pay but really can you hear me know yourself know me you will never understand force enforced forced revelations make the day make you think make you smile given to in power of feelings unbound yes I repeat myself I am found never I will find you here we are again  wondering what hell have you seen fire of demons dancing take your apparatus and breath rescue through walls this is no emotion you are demons with wings earth bound I swear legends of the flag don’t you dare bow we are grains of sand freedom hell saviours we are one you shall not burn.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 We are going to cities in the skies
legends of the flag envy at the afterburner glow
freedom hell saviours we are one you shall not burn.

The Reptilian Brain


The reptilian brain has taken the world basic instinct of our first layer of the three sections of the human brain creates aggression, fear and anxiety and we listen to it far more than we should it is global control forefront of secret associations, societies and cults this keeps the average man in place to be used as a tool. We must find ways to enlighten the genial public and strive for greater thought processes we can achieve. Government’s strive to segregate It’s public this keeps them with control over the populace they use our basic instincts against us through all media also data research without us knowing.

You only have to look at WW2 to see what man is capable of there is no care for the greater spirit within us all It is kept to constant confrontation between country’s for a reason.

Well living in the west how can this effect us It has been for century’s If there no willing people to do menial tasks the governments would have no power this comes to the power pyramid again. Think tanks should be in place to find ways to elevate the overpowering reptilian brain, to find ways to access greater thought processes This could open pathways for a greater consciousness for everyone we need to stop conflict we are adults for the greater purpose planet Earth is not a playground time to grow up humanity and start looking after each other.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 #Art and #Science need better inherent social interaction to obtain better public relations to forward knowledge in a coherency for the populaces. x


What We Say

I show no mercy upon grasping your heart as I love in you moving slowly through the cold midnight rain take me away from the pain held me fast upon years minds eye seeing unbelieving tears I am a lost child of the stars in the fear of life fallen without justice there is no mountain scape

no last breath no life at all we do not understand our worlds collide fragile bones we are say no to death forces bring ourselves back to light never in the crowded cross hairs to measure to many bridges on the road my heavenly one we are alone running empty fallen closed

are evolving in the dark black-holes in consciousness neurons fail our minds now cry execute the rhythm encounters as light rises our souls like lonely moths to the flame roaring heat flows this landscape flaring minds catalyst on dreamers of never waken hearts

Spiritus Poster our darkest days we are war never ending circles of ceaseless regret never ending hate no option in annihilation keeps edges of steel sharp to the flesh search memory’s I see you fall to the feet in regret why did you as they say possession core vanity

you take my heart ripped from my chest as your amusement estrange our life muriad pathways frozen to the core in search of our multifarious in peace together desideratum sine qua non, hope.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 we belong to the stars gentle honesty of light at the beautiful chorus of warmth.

Never Winter

Swift justice heart melt are you my passion we are free never live in fear
falling autumn leaves colour our path nature in motion this is love
In moments our souls combine welcome to the world in peace

emotions of the past forgotten could this be are warmth against cold ignorance
In silence the lonely path people pass by outreaching never winter
locks of your hair following the winds of the west as we reach south in our tenderest destiny

there are no words as we pass in knowing we know peace be with you on this day stand strong my love we have been seen pain we had our days of injustice
we have lost ourselves in the battle sanity slips on waves off our shores

grasping strength from our universe our lord communication passing through gateways there are no sinners there is no rebellion against the cosmos nature has It’s way regression lines our history passing into the dark night but still the light to guide

revolution thoughts change enlightening give our guidance falling to beds of straw sleep the night my beautiful one never change your days in giving yourself
we share forefathers gave us our lives in blessings form our miracle we are human

divine providence sharing caring blessing the lost fallen angels we will be with you Veni Creator Spiritus will have the way seeker in caves of dispare yes we are fragile go free be free we can achieve destiny’s together live forever in my heart. 


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 #Figmentum topics from beyond your mind, telekinesis with memory’s.

Burn Bright

No conclusion remembrance in the air gathering sounds of war
flight into fear never white doves they came to claim your life taken from time carried across waters in flame we burn bright
the days of painful memory’s sharp in the heart tears binding holding fast minds in hate

Everything in time we came forth on dreaming angels orbiting essence of God
In our eyes wide shedding earthly emotions we claim the chains of innocence lost to life force dissipates to the ground
abating flowering virgin life ferryman take time we are dread here none a bed covered petals of the roses that grow for you in the dawn mist

Ad Lucem
Never forgotten.

The waken never ends with you as the century’s turn to fire I am dreaming my soul born in innocence forever fallen
dancing with life atoms collide our waters imagination answering our questions of life forever in geometry body fallen eaten bones
absolute value into dark nights biting penetrating the hearts of the already upon death Jesus محمد‎ calls your name.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015

Rebecca In The Fear Of The Night

Chains of first love across miles closeness falls taken innocence as a Butterfly drowning upon droplets of water lost in your sunshine experiences the feelings of wakening hearts as you called on conscious minds clear ways to find you grasped my heart all consumed on the soft bed consumed falling no reasons

the time was not for us but draw of memory’s of conquered souls lost in motions body’s of forgiveness this will live forever let go into the cosmos as I forgive you my dear lost soul forgive the seeds upon the fires mountains of confessions soulless species we came to find

we found our nature no more to the darkness in your mind open your heart to love my friend flying flags of justice wiping away shear pain we are human unbelievers transverse thoughts to the last we have you freedom in your eyes closed upon the death as mountains will disappear to shores of peace

Remember <*-%/.=+>

collecting selecting we combine to force peace burning fires on retreat of the beast revisiting our history to care daily metamorphosis clear of you is death oblivion
power in asking questions forgive the seeding of fires for future generations never to ask how are you never the last sorrow in the setting sun we loved.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 👪


Music of Life

A heart full of love find yourself in me I guide you through the darkness part of the tree of life the sun will shine for you motion in motion encased in tears do not fear you will never fall beloved in my mind embrace in love my farther taken by heroin a child in emptiness my only savour my mother
 they listen with no words to expect the guide of the soul your spirit lives forever as this world passes to extinction 
 expanding minds to feel see the future generations free from overlords of desperation and fear help the children our souls scream 
 give ever and to care the poor of love open hearts it's war we are in eternity of pathways our core awake in costly freedom consequence 
 cast through confusion clear your thoughts awaken your mind look within yourself you will see your horizon processed to the destiny of your soul
 we will have each other in endless days of peace everywhere you see your with me do not sing desperation we make love the music of life

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 Do not sing in sorrow you see you 
are with me making love in the music of life :-


You have taken my mind I gave unconditional feelings encased in steel roads rise to the clouds eternity has no time seeking peace worlds collide you are my sister you are my brother before us lays the abyss hardened emotions follow every step as heartbeats close the child’s dream ends as reality closes

your Roman eyes this lesson needs learnt to the God’s forth as no universe our collided souls suddenly at the gates smouldering ashes in ancestry never to awaken for evermore crying angels shedding waters to birth mighty rivers on awakening mountains our empty space evolved consciousness
we have empathy say what you have to hear rain cleanses the soul night falls on us all creation the lie

In the eyes of the masters colliding realms in fusion in rebirth pierced through the heart taking pace with the fallen sowing seeds on moonlight
giving life to the fields of the dead winter comes tired to the core saying no more, no more shelter of mothers arms we in spheres centred minds   
feelings forward from sparking the imagination be free truly free the waters will carry our souls bound for Valhalla in this cold heart of war
creeping slowly from behind grasping the fallen hearts we are no more spirit I left forever passing clouds take us in shadows
the first step never the end I will give you heaven in my hands never forget humanity who has passed before with you running out of time
exploitation in weak minds cast away the shadows banish them turn on yourself we are one in each and everyone’s eyes
revolution skies burn the mind injustice governments will fall upon open feelings we must love to the end you will not drown in freedom

the spirit will rise guiding in the light our justice wondering years seeing fires rise the ruins of religions our earth soil we are mankind take God to bare
electricity flows lightning strikes atoms rip time rise care angels will never forgive we are to the end planetary conquered flowing rivers our blood
Christ taken to task immorality strike down hate the sword shredding darkness to peace we have these words to say

© Nicholas Leslie 2015, Silence in worlds of consciousness
gathering our minds collecting selecting
we combine to force peace
burning fires the retreat of the beast
revisiting our history no care
daily metamorphosis clear of you.

No Other Words

Dropping flight of heaven resurrection flowing blood our hearts combined silent angels cry our souls excavating threads of the mind vaporization memory’s come and go you are my love light of the stars bound by God we are never to say goodbye colliding with moon beams turning hate to stone finding our way across these skies names of enchantments that have no meaning all wish to live

freedom forgets one by one fallen the devil of no sins there is nothing to loosing anarchy of March falls before us all none righteous spirits are eternity no communication lost to the spiraling vortex of mother Earth me me are nothing without you open minds endless days end of days end of seasons End of time, D.I.G
we will meet and find love in our hearts point to point existence through neurons of mind in our falling your name forever come to me on the breeze of spring open mind never to touch upon the face given souls to dream resurrect humanity upon finding peace my heart ripped to the universe in passing galaxy’s sharp sounds in to emptiness

state mentality for gaze the mind upon finding shards glass upon laceration we are innocence no polarize focused fears eyes wide to the dawn our forefathers will pass this day thirty six millennium of falling rose petals reach out take my hand we are the dragon soul reapers no faint heart seal pathways of injustice upon this Earth open minds reaping from the dead freedom calls you to see there are no other words feel the love accept the love we are love.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015