In Notes

All these corporate shops mention no names all declare they wish the best for there customers. If this is the case why do they continue to sell tobacco products.Tobacco is very big business and an evil cycle of death and harm the Tax revenue In the UK from tobacco in 2012/13 amounted to £12.3 billion – £9.7 billion in excise duty plus £2.6 billion in VAT. So why would the British government give a total all out ban of sales It is more interested of balancing the books of the NHS where all UK citizens are just numbers in the governments finances. 

I am a smoker from an age where it was deemed reasonable to smoke even in enclosed spaces and as we know now this is very harmful I have a complete negative complex about smoking around other people I just try and not do this. I started smoking from the age of sixteen and wish I never started I have tried all ways to give up but no success even the medication could not help me as it sent me into a deep depression and suicidal. You see I am an emotional and addicted tobacco smoker there should not be a choice to buy this product there should be an all out global ban and stop the profit from death.  


© Nicholas Leslie 2015

Gathering your Wings

As foretold no distance screaming love hold me in your arms
bones telling age we are youthful friends under the trees in the starlight
changing colours of the soul kiss me forever in this dream
captured my heart sweet-pea lifeline into the God’s universe
planet dwellers always running feelings passing hours of life
my woman firing neurons escape the thoughts breaking sounds to the world
walking on my rose petals across the path to freedom in warm sunlight as night is day casting evil to ground steel birds seeking redemption in revenge

is this the love song bright words holding fast in storm force seas
take your revenge of man take your willing hate to our skin we never fall righteous force finding ways on crossroads into the blues singing from winter dwellings

we ride the roads in sun setting across the planes of angels we have our way
no more to tears falling on sacred ground the mighty will fall to one
your imagination is achievement rejoice for you are angels gathering your wings
be loved find love yourself we are loved.   

© Nicholas Leslie 2015

Dragons Bare

Sheer enveloping thoughts tearing flesh eating the soul binding the love within
bringing naked tears the fear told within the words our essence waste
seven year rebirth upon our planetary sphere to many years we loose to death

do not believe the darkness in your mind we leave on the greatness called faith
peace will be true be in happiness these days of emptiness in materialistic paths
call forth for me taken trees of blossom my heart in tears please no more

you will take humanity in endless emptiness logic to the conclusion we will die
tokens heartfelt wishes smiling at our graves wishing loneliness we never fall
reminiscing endless summer days freedom will call you to bare defense

I the last prophet say you to call your lord in forgiveness of blindness
no religion our self come to reality brothers sisters in your eyes clear gateways
can we should we no conclusion follows you in shadows of trees binding Earth
masters our fluid oxygen age following wings angels sing your dreams

ask the universe you are the seismic miracle waves in footsteps kiss me love me
find yourself never to return sailing ships on open blue dragons bare
fertility mother forgive the sin of the beasts roaming your atmosphere take them to stand we can be free.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 

Wishing on The Stars

Drink my love on ice cold core sharpened ragged edges lottery of life we are off this planet smooth flowing melted skin bonded in blackness no name second born we have nothing here cotton soft thoughts race the mind be so happy your never blind summer nights become

tasting nectar life giving forms of nature walk awhile on this rocky shore always clouded mists of dawn seconds into fulfillment the waves break rejoicing sounds in chaos come to me slowly we have the reaction that could change the world believe more

we are never alone heroes fall to death wishing on the stars I will love you eternity
no voice no sound keeping warm friction flows overpowering thoughts in our destruction precious life we are miracles each indefinable individual seek freedom see yourself

rise hear the words of the righteous never finding there souls power cold freezing hearts
carry my love with you we are the universe thoughts conquered take back my heart it is yours history gives lies of memory’s turning circles of faith begone senseless nature of the beast we belong to the stars gentle honesty of light at the beautiful chorus of warmth. 

  © Nicholas Leslie 2015

Delta Dreaming

In the consequence of your love beaten to foolish dispare when I need you lost in turmoil as clouds glide mountain peaks where never fallen souls become light of the very sun upon my orbit closing to emptiness I need you God I ask for help on the dreams into sun light remove the confusion me I come forth to leave our greatest faith in you we are free

Into the river of blood cast before me baptized in hell on Earth save my soul bring my soul back to me this day smoke rises on the fires of justice flowing redemption we are not flesh and bone never more our spirit heaven sent upon the quest of knowledge at atom emotions of life force you are my heart God you are my heart

aces high I am the diamond to the end fallen to milliseconds give a damn don’t drop my beating heart live your name were victory the winds give to the sails life is your gift given from God in the dark matter of consciousness greatness waiting to flower full of love what is the way we feel endless heart we are of soil reality striking in our time stones on the lake of life ripples outward bound seeking more understanding

Delta dreaming bring me off my cloud no mercy in the fight born of demon seed watch me bleed no voice swallows fly my sky dancing light no explanation to end heart beats as butterflies wings under crystal clear raindrops sourcing our freedom sadly entangled minds eye clearly we are flower petals In the breeze on the cycles to ground everything is was and future, saint’s will close the door and say no more.   

we walk with death on the loneliness of the day waiting in out hearts the fortress laid waste no more no home wondering wilderness days are our years as tears fill our eyes on the darkest sky driving wasteland to say we are here our mind flowing to candle light with the glimmer moon crying lost souls the forgotten history on human end is upon torn hearts bleeding forever creation in motion fathers fall to time.

 © Nicholas Leslie 2015

Fly with Eagles

Innuendos in the magical sphere giving clear waters take my freedom no more
going to open the door never say goodbye hello i cry your name
building walls that surround the fear from within

time machine falters mind edges to close today sun will shine
sounds of freedom savorier forgive me soul darkens in the shadows of regret
take my memory’s ripped from feelings cast upon the ground and sail on

on the bed of dreams taken fully to essence of understanding
gripping on to edge of fire lies you birth from fear
taken away i reap my mind on the bed of history

escape to driving highways take my steel dam your lies
understand love if you do not now seek redemption upon cold steel
run the day light across atmospheres of sight who are you

break free the soul fly with eagles never wish upon the dawn
prisoner no more to tears inwards nothing that i desire
do not wish to be the fool for demons prey of desperation no more.

© Nicholas Clarke 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Our alien masters of this experimental breading programme called the human race is reaching the peak of this civilization. We are in need of a catastrophic war to balance the books of capitalism so far reaching It could cause extinction of our breed and ultimately Earth.

Our masters will just move to a new life sustaining planet as NASA are now discovering every day. This is just nonsense you might say just another delusion but the facts are there in pure fantasy the creative mind is very powerful and now easier with the world wide web and powerful computers to visualize and communicate.

This post is highly derogative and I should not be posting as you say just another broken mind, of that I admit but is that not the creative way, don’t give up hope we are milliseconds of life in the great plan and we should appreciate every moment that touches life as we are so fragile. Just to feel love for no matter how short is so precious just ask for help from what ever you believe, It is there.  

Diamond Atoms

Indecisive karma clouds our minds lost you to the wind of the south traveled our souls deep in the core of consciousness come to me visions of beauty kind our heart is one time that runs short in blue sky’s never silence broken one word never spoken

the wings of angels burnt to ashes for the deliverance of mortality
as humane core passes to earth not for the resurrection seething pain broken hearts dance the rips in time we achieve nether nothing unto eternity

rise your energy flow with mother nature purged sorrow hold tight
love combined diamond atoms of the faith open your feelings never fall

are we the ripples in falling rain the sun will shine of bondage freedom
underworlds netherworld’s finding this clean clear sharp feeling of harmony
until the sphere untimely we can smile once more the end omni.   

© Nicholas Leslie 2015

Holding Light

Eyes wide of beauty seeing the soul the forgiven love striding mountains of faith
love are the words never told of no knowledge in ignorance the thought never holding light

binding natural forces redevelop our hearts gravity in motion our moments driving dreams
our cosmos feeling unite paralleled existence our human state we are what we are

say cease to darkness hold your mind open to mother we are born
expanding light traveled to meet together our existence you are more than life

care humanity spiraling backwards holding death fury sold to many souls to prophets
the endless night will become orbiting feeling our brothers and sisters pass to injustice
this just to say I need you in this world.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015


Stepping from my soul holding embrace seconds fall to hours speechless
tears before the fears don’t loose my love see me here waterfall
take your pain throw it away feel the light in the eyes of God
lighting candles of faith mother ease the fear vacant of thoughts trembling
coming to patience clear faith of the unknown words crumble bleed away our minds
sorrow of the fallen for freedom take stand no suffering no more
take another step my way the road breaks away communicate
you are never alone we have love seedlings grow the future in our ways
love more.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015