Paradise Lost

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Live unedited, unrehearsed, Special Thank You to Steve & Jake.

This paradise lost,
 the world will claim you.
 decreasing circles of fear,
 time Is here No more

Time ends standing
 here my friend
 don't loose your heart
 find love open your eyes

Open your eyes
 Open your eyes

Time our world
 Time our world

No Earth no Earth.
 Ask the questions they
 tell you lies,
 ask the questions they
 tell you lies,
 Time our world

Living a lost paradise
 time our master no confusion
 people pass to memory In our
 paradise lost,
 Paradise lost.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017


Come on the pathway light the way we see we need less of the lonely world guardian come from cloudscapes of your mind hold me tight in this west wind hold your feelings In comfort escape Earth movements In time cease oppression embrace truth speak truth fallen to the feet demonic ages comes down

we who travel sleep the highways of light open your thoughts to love peace will never have the way of man sacrificed to history on order no more maiestas folding cosmos we had a thought can we feel loved as one attest


no hell or heaven humanity distortion we are children In our mothers eyes listen to your hearts forgotten ones seventh appearers save your soul Terraustrall broken wings I love you speaking softly see me open arms

embrace knowledge walking dimensions human kindness bring forth today Mammalium takes this world sheer fallen wings soil bound this millennia twenty five thousand years the masters judgement on mankind God save you.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016


Revaluation a lonely soul in revolution revolutionary brake my heart feelings in loosing our minds together we are comparison thought is creation the nights are long find your strength tired in to the night walk slowly with me this is our voice free yourself from pain

insinuate bindings In depth come back to me life day after day fallen at your feet
Eucharist for the last time we are love this was you quietly forgotten to age
aktorka with my heart etched to stone there Is our pathway alight with stars

traveling Inwards our dimension Is never there see me at the waterfalls of tears
This will never be us on this day only separation calls In earthly bounds
we will be together In Earth open, wake and see.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 We Are Humanoid [circles_gallery ids=”1664″]

The Calling

The barbarian awakens from It’s tomb of consciousness I walk away this day
join me at the crossroads seeking my demon spirit to banish to Earth
we are young on dusty plains barren of water our survival depends

there Is no more to tell sleep my dear sleep until time stands
I want to see you stand without fear show love then moreThe Calling
come back to my arms clear pathways see clear be clear

we are not machine come back to life heart beats away this moment
do not speak dance the trees open ways of light Into peace
bring forth true gods within us all descendants of you Skifakore.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Just Dream My Dreamers.


Edible SpeciesInterconnected souls we pray to Earth mother of flesh and bones behold
Man gathered together event impulse implosion falling ice shatter the mind close upon me there is no time our dimension impacts honesty calm humanity take place nether conclusion

mercy takes your life in moments surpassed constructing light take your place mortals instinct convolving cosmos in millennia comes forth out of darkness in pearls event come equivalent energy In flame we die enveloped In oxygen of your dreams

are you here with me I we see grasp heal In sleep take our hands together fused
broken for ever broken minds In uncertainty tohubohu splice your thoughts In the air not centered pathways we walk orbits of doors no density spliced clear your mind.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 The matrix Is never
broken In our hearts.


幽冥 no, illusion wake to romance we can be together as one our mind is to be free

hold me in earth’s flowing energy crossing paths written with love to eclipsed by no man

place your mind open arms voices clear space part of our souls combined we are hereliber16ty

I can believe In you speaker our truth up stream skies open your eyes believe

essence Is our soul It is the future arrived for peace there dream our dream

take your feelings walk the path to light clear hearts of God create dreams

we will fall from heaven to right injustice human has no knowledge we come

centurions deliver legion in truth we can love.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 interconnected souls sent to educate and
awaken our spirituality for the greater cause of humanity.

Colliding Minds

The mind is at war empty my mind seekers of light we fall to hell to rebirth in knowledge of the universe alone. We walk pathways of dimensional energy we have seen broken lemenscate

freedom for dark matter to claim our souls colliding minds, dark minds bring death destruction will come to us all.




© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #Look at your soul washed
taking the dreams in values my tears wash the stones.


It just wont do cease from hiding be In pride of who you are, freedom Is calling you sun setting on history falling flags of injustice In profit of the few barren souls, dance your days away fly your colors hearing sounds

In the dimension our conscience remember days our days fallen to history potential bringing forth our tears shadows standing street corners following desegregate of justice call out for your God now.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #If I was not me I would be you and If you were not you I’d be me.