Guard Liberty

My memory’s hide in daylight shadows built on feathers of stone your truth Is no truth elevation to skies in red waves of the shores of the cosmos.
The hurt in deep denial our image fall off flat Earth caverns deep darkness becomes you as my good heart tells of fire birth to nature flowing to mother universe in birth running lines of freedom.

No soul separation we will be leaving soon our pain will waiver be heavy again at home in your dimension bursts of light they take your liberty you are the one.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Image In cycles of everyone flowing from and through atoms of purity.

Dear Government’s




Dear Government’s We are human beings in humanity we are not health care numbers or numbers in government business plans you always give and then take back in taxes all this with fiat money.

Until you take back control from world banks there will always be disputes capitalism will always demand world wars to balance government finances.

© Nicholas Clarke 2015



Mind empty mind feeling the loneliness of existence unique you are the one no open hearts sun rise cold mist dewdrops care the thought cycles within cycles of life see with your eyes if only I could hold you for the last time as our souls rise to meet our source of eternity.

Forever lost to mother Earth to the bleached bones injustice makes her way unbalanced I need you now my friend seek memory’s of years that pass at our feet open wounds my God where are you now forgotten pathways humanity is lost on dark roads.

No rhythm no rhyme the words praises be with you on this day in light surpassed
we feel in pain mortality casting no shadows of the swords deep wounds open
in life our heaven forgive me shouting your name across the lands of war.Fallen

I write to you my offerings in a broken mind forgive hatred uneducated seas take the fight open the doors for the freedom in this species cleanse our body’s take to heart flowing blood of innocence this nether ways not in light stop.

Come with me tonight falling from the stars in consequence wake your minds
I hold you tight warmth your voice as the wick is ended we are no more
goodbye willing with missing your heart warmth I call you friend.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 The Middle #Neurotransmitter of Imagination
#Nucleolus 12 Months in 2 Minuets & 45 Seconds.


Backing down on the crown of thorn’s never in tolerance life Is close never in focus clasped hearts in fear will never hear our fallen angels in war in the sea of blood don’t cry my children were clear the horizon of pain coming to the end my friends  pixel

soft music echoes the air of natures calm raise your minds to never look back the following demons for your flesh pace to pace no road ends upon darkness cremation throw away to the winds in the west hail storms become you

emptiness I forgive lost you on the star shine skimming thoughts eyes wide
we come we are forever travellers in nature saviours of stellar astrological
skífakore we are lonely no more knowing love tearing hate to atoms your mind

come walk with me show your heart the smile clears the mind say hello
waiting our time free of destruction greeting for my heart say no to pain
call angels wrapped wings in calm skies we can be love.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 we are and
evermore the cosmos of skies infinity.

Cities in the Skies

We are going to cities in the skies the minds eye soaring freedom I see you there wings of steel  envy at the afterburner glow shaking the ground at the speed of sound encapsulated far from earth an age sitting on the edge of darkness you are in the motion of rebirth to the world awake to the sunset no heavy task slow motion as the fire dances nerves of steel bring you home

to the race that never sleeps hear is the sound of shattered glass this bullet proof feel surround
unquenched thirst forced me there open arms gathered kiss of natural exchange exchanged off world to the bold the night enlighten me feelings to the unknown just to love me hardship on the part your emotions the wall lighting the way mist of universes vaporise at your feet keep keep me don’t cry

I found you at the fall taken of splinters withdraw your dagger warm foreverness as we lay together bonded souls taken from the dark the moon shines in your eyes as the tear floods of joy we are one I was only dreaming found you in the light quenched thirst salvation from the far side howling sun bright mind snapping tethers I see you there lifted beauty form glistening

fact will not loose legends of the flag friends are like tear drops in the ocean and I am but a grain of sand I pay but really can you hear me know yourself know me you will never understand force enforced forced revelations make the day make you think make you smile given to in power of feelings unbound yes I repeat myself I am found never I will find you here we are again  wondering what hell have you seen fire of demons dancing take your apparatus and breath rescue through walls this is no emotion you are demons with wings earth bound I swear legends of the flag don’t you dare bow we are grains of sand freedom hell saviours we are one you shall not burn.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 We are going to cities in the skies
legends of the flag envy at the afterburner glow
freedom hell saviours we are one you shall not burn.

Rebecca In The Fear Of The Night

Chains of first love across miles closeness falls taken innocence as a Butterfly drowning upon droplets of water lost in your sunshine experiences the feelings of wakening hearts as you called on conscious minds clear ways to find you grasped my heart all consumed on the soft bed consumed falling no reasons

the time was not for us but draw of memory’s of conquered souls lost in motions body’s of forgiveness this will live forever let go into the cosmos as I forgive you my dear lost soul forgive the seeds upon the fires mountains of confessions soulless species we came to find

we found our nature no more to the darkness in your mind open your heart to love my friend flying flags of justice wiping away shear pain we are human unbelievers transverse thoughts to the last we have you freedom in your eyes closed upon the death as mountains will disappear to shores of peace

Remember <*-%/.=+>

collecting selecting we combine to force peace burning fires on retreat of the beast revisiting our history to care daily metamorphosis clear of you is death oblivion
power in asking questions forgive the seeding of fires for future generations never to ask how are you never the last sorrow in the setting sun we loved.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 👪



Not one singular #Deity, The human race as a species of close relationship to one-another to believe in one God is not satisfactory. It has taken billions of years for evolution to develop what we conceive of life today, We have come forth from #Mud made from the stars themselves. God or in as God’s are the combining force keeping eternity together our life in existence can be described in milliseconds of energy atoms bound by God. Born of imagination and the need of our human belief emotion we need guidance as we are lost to ourselves this was created inspired role models for peace unity and freedom in religion.

It has been all to easy to distort as the human mind does to itself, We need to open our hearts to unity and cease the power struggles of governmental systems. The few take the challenge brave souls who care to help the underprivileged globally and spirituality takes a great part in helping these individuals in there calling. The years are closer together and the human race is running out of time, We will all be called to justify our own existence so now you need to change ask why am I here. I declare peace be with you always never live in fear we are all souls of the cosmos and the Gods love you, this is life force.


  © Nicholas Leslie 2015  

Tribute To Joan Armatrading


I’m not in love
Only son in a generation
Thank you Joan we are dancing
In the rain we love

Feeling love
Feeling love

Dancing in the rain
We make the difference my friend
With affection we have each other

Feeling love
Feeling love

Hold me Joan
Hold me close in your mind
Thank you from history
From zero to climbing the stars
From somebody who found you.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015  Original Music by Subir Dutta All Feedback Is Appreciated.

Dragons Bare

Sheer enveloping thoughts tearing flesh eating the soul binding the love within
bringing naked tears the fear told within the words our essence waste
seven year rebirth upon our planetary sphere to many years we loose to death

do not believe the darkness in your mind we leave on the greatness called faith
peace will be true be in happiness these days of emptiness in materialistic paths
call forth for me taken trees of blossom my heart in tears please no more

you will take humanity in endless emptiness logic to the conclusion we will die
tokens heartfelt wishes smiling at our graves wishing loneliness we never fall
reminiscing endless summer days freedom will call you to bare defense

I the last prophet say you to call your lord in forgiveness of blindness
no religion our self come to reality brothers sisters in your eyes clear gateways
can we should we no conclusion follows you in shadows of trees binding Earth
masters our fluid oxygen age following wings angels sing your dreams

ask the universe you are the seismic miracle waves in footsteps kiss me love me
find yourself never to return sailing ships on open blue dragons bare
fertility mother forgive the sin of the beasts roaming your atmosphere take them to stand we can be free.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015