Injustice of Obscurity

To ever decreasing circles turned upon a fraction seeking love

missing the very part of my soul called no joy in the broken heart

stay another day from shadows of loneliness we can seek the dream


mistress of illusion bring salvation to me standing here broken pieces of mind

i watch you flower from nothing we will make it stronger all the way

no words to flow apprentice of vision take me now


feel the rage fear no evil be on the wings of freedom given life set it free

ride the clouds of fire powering your flag no reality soaring never to burn

open heart never quit your dream visions above the bounds of any realm


stepping out doors of nothing never to think a poet in motion whats my name

departing click click away with the words in motion whats the line stooping levels to faith

gripping insanity no colors in my flag bring it back mistress throned to the injustice of obscurity

your hair flowing the soft breeze voice of angels say no to confusion come to me in peace

  © Nicholas Leslie 2013  Injustice of Obscurity Poster

A thousand feet beneath

A thousand feet beneath


I see you from the edge of my cloud dancing with the chains that hold

a thousand feet beneath my tears falling


I see you, sharp blue eyes glazing from history

me missing your tender touch until the bell rings out to spread my wings

I will be your angel


taking away the years say no more to tears lifting high float the universe

united in love once more wrapped close, freedom cries our names.



© Nicholas Leslie 2013


The Memory Of Kerry O’Donnell

The Memory Of Kerry O’Donnell











We find ourselves with Kerry a bored a ferry from Ireland to the welsh port of Fishguard. Kerry twenty years of age muscular build sharp brown eyes to match his long brown hair. Looking rather weathered in his dark black coat along with his standard army issue steel toe cap boots quite usually a cheery chap but with troubles a plenty. It’s late in the month of October getting colder everyday and the ferry crossing is a rough one. Kerry walks the decks thinking to himself why did it come to this, You see the story started the previous Christmas it started the usual way all the family coming round presents and cheer It had been snowing in the eve and turned to a white Christmas day his brother and two sisters where playing in the snow out back and he went to join them building snowmen and snow forts for snowball fights and as always the girls won every round. Unknown to everyone it would be the last Christmas they would all spend together, It went the usual way presents in the morning then just waiting for dinner with all the trimmings you can not beat home cooking they all say. Time for photographs around the fireplace with a roaring log fire for the night they placed the camera on a tripod so they could all get in with a ten second delay that was just about achieved with a few laughs a happy time for everyone. That night Kerry’s father suffered a massive heart attack and passed away he was always the backbone of the family a proud man who had given forty years to the building trade.



He started out cleaning and sweeping floors and by the time he retired was head foreman for a major building company. So sadly the family drifted apart from here Kerry’s mother started suffering depression and fell into cycles of mental illness he did his best to support her through the rough times putting his own life on hold to see his two sisters and brother grow up in a way taking the place of his father as he was the eldest of the children. It’s very much a cold dark and rainy night, Kerry is slumped on the deck chair soaking wet the rain dripping off his green corduroy hat. His farther becoming a fast distant memory and at this thought Kerry’s muscles tense in his face as the tears start to fall for his father he stands and begins pacing five steps forward five steps back his whole body starting to seize with the cold, rain and wind what is at the end of this ferry crossing, no one to meet no one to see him safe just looking for a new life away from his demons who haunt his every step as his tears are hidden in the rain. When his farther passed on he promised he would take care of the family and being no work in the small village in Ireland seeks forth to the mainland for better prospects. So here we have Kerry twenty five pounds in his pocket two days of clothes in his backpack and four cheese and onion sandwiches, As he rummages for the sandwiches he finds a parcel from his mother and opens it he discovers his fathers note book worn brown leather bound with a green ribbon. As Kerry reads a new light falls on his fathers past, The similarities are uncanny his farther passed away when he was fourteen John, Kerry’s father took the same ferry to the mainland but John did not find any work so enlisted in the navy ending up on H.M.S Belfast just before world war two broke out.




Kerry reads on in the shelter of the ferry café having queued twenty minutes for a less then hot coffee he was greatly annoyed and grimaced at every mouthful. So he reads how his father escorted merchant ships across the Atlantic always on the lookout for U boats, A picture falls out a photograph of the crew rescuing a sailing ship that had capsized a memory never told as John was not particularly proud of his service in the war. Kerry reads on in the dim light of the battered ferry, The year nineteen forty three a merchant ship was just hit by a torpedo and was ablaze lighting up the night sky H.M.S Belfast pulls up along side to rescue the survivors John writes how he witnessed charcoaled body’s on the decks some still afire and screaming men running towards him in desperation. What he seen will never leave him there were only five men out of twenty five rescued and it would take years for John to forget the smell of the body’s. Then the hunt was on for the U Boat depth charges were sent over the side in the trail of the torpedo that was seen and it’s not long till oil and debris is floating by as the U boat was hit. Kerry reading this with some disbelief finds a new admiration for his departed father to say Kerry thinking to himself if my farther can survive like this he should not worry and a peace falls upon Kerry the tears no more. Something catches Kerry’s eye glancing up from reading the journal in the dim light two bright hazel eyes meet him, a woman with flowing red hair, She says, hello there. Kerry is transfixed on these beautiful eyes staring back at him. She says my name is Louise what’s yours. Kerry chokes slightly he had never seen an angel but I have now he thinks to himself, What brings you a bored this ferry Kerry asks. Louise replies, Down on my luck looking for work on the mainland.




Same here were two peas in a pod so to say, A light smile his answer maybe we could team up Kerry splutters out, Louise now with a wide grin, she replies maybe, I have been watching you as you seem engrossed in that journal, you wish to share with me. Kerry, It’s my fathers memory’s and some nightmares he lived with for years without telling anyone. The dim light begins to flicker they both glance out of the window a faint light through the rain clouds moving away the sun is coming up on the new day. Louise, I think we could have something special me and you Kerry, we will be docking soon and a start of a new life. Kerry one day at a time we should take this, we will be a good team you are the most beautiful angel I have ever seen. Louise slightly laughs looks Kerry in the eye and says, Love at first sight is never easy we take things steady and everything will work out. The both of them huddle in the corner of the café away from everything the past let go, looking forward to a new life as coincidence brings them together we were never born to walk this life alone.




 This night will never fade as two lovers find each other and take chances for only the brave. The tannoy crackles into life “we will be docking at Fishguard in roughly thirty minutes we hope you have had a pleasant journey and will travel with us again”. Lets go out to the deck, Kerry leads Louise out a cold wind sharp and brisk but the rain has stopped and the sun is rising as to promise a warm day. Kerry I can see land not long now as he points out to the hazy horizon, Louise take my hand, they become closer Kerry faces Louise with a slight smile kiss me he says. A full embrace like holding on to life they kiss for the first time. A overwhelming air of contentment surrounds them as a ray of light dances over them across the open waters as time slips away into the moment of love. Kerry, were docking do you have any plans Louise, Yes was going to make my way to Cardiff I have friends at university there, They have a shared house close to town. A smile from Kerry, I tag along then. Louise’s eyes light up and kisses Kerry’s cheek, Yes of course silly but we both need to find work and pay our way. So here we find ourselves a chance meeting of fate maybe Karma correcting the downs as they say you can not appreciate what you have if you have never been without. The ferry docking at Fishguard in the bright sunshine of a crisp autumn day the sky a bright with golden glare of a new sun, the bows of the ship opened and the gang planks lowered as we see two new young lovers take there first steps into a new life of optimism knowing there life will be difficult but brave enough to take chances this ferry crossing will never be forgotten.






To Be Continued…………

© Nicholas Leslie 2012

Quit It

Quit It

On the doorstep entering the outside world, The air is chilly the sky is overcast with drizzly rain. Nervous tension and apprehension, time for a cigarette coffee is calling a new day in class, teenage memory’s. Just an average lad a few close friends awareness of surrounding not very specific the tree’s had lost there leaves and the playing fields turning into mud baths. My friend comes around the corner in his brown duffel coat here Nic try one of these, as he hands me a cigarette “Try it” he say’s. Not to sure but light it up anyway and almost instantly was enjoyable but this was the start of a twenty five year addiction to cigarettes and to a social smoking outcast. So if your reading this what ever your age don’t start smoking or quit as soon as possible. It’s not cool but a deadly habit that could cause you an early grave.


© Nicholas Clarke 2012




Writing, Why What and How.


The particular reason I write is to face my dyslexia and lack of education. To place feelings of emotions in words is to release my creativity, In practice I write poetry and some pieces for this site along with my art. Have always felt to be creative is important for everyone in any state of mind. I write to be quiet involved with thought patterns of releasing stress. I am very much a mixed media person with feelings of the need to achieve but achievements are very short coming. My writing is a tool to open imagination but this can be very difficult at times as in regarding mental state and commitments. When I feel lost I write and gain some comfort and release is to be found in writing, I write to give to history.

Nicholas Leslie 2012

Grounded Dreamer

Flying the skies i come to your bed rested mind

never blind to you wrapped warmth contact flows

we are the powerful energy that is we know


escape dark light to be here with you no task to flesh

no lessons we are linked no to the lies foretold of no dream

listen the bell rings in time shed to light open heart flows

never to part on any day do not fall at the mountain of the thought


take suffering from your spirit cast it to the earth everything telling loneliness

speech noise confusion will not rain be silent for your soul quiet rest

happiness searches for you over covered universe light

wait cast no negative embrace hold the thought of one soft embrace


dammed faced oblivion primal scream journey beholden nothing understand

singing one day face the freedom place the fear back to the place

are knowledge we thoughts as they watch say the destiny

you are goddess praise complicated as none do not cry any tear


wishes from our doom late the day casting the mind to the shore

singing angels quite the lie we are they remembrance the day

throwing everything to chance of recognition of nothing

powers course fair and true laying the lines seeking them


anything from the first who was born light given love

darkness to heavy do not carry lesson of demons reflection

homeward flight passing the night passing souls of the blind not physical

who do you say you are where are the lovers of life


escaped came forth from imagination i conquest mindless given thoughts

say the love feel the love i die empty to soil giver no more the day is mine

awake revelations clear sight no language spoken translate feelings

inferiority has no name here you are we are in justice


to speak your name in love is no lie no doubt sent by the human essence

not part to be regardless if you never see me no to shame

there is the end of earth bound grounded dreamer.



© Nicholas Leslie 2012

Atom Zero Point

Volunteers Wanted


Have four posts for two female actresses and two male actors, As regarding a twitter scripting called Atom Zero Point @Light_Solar This is science fiction unravelling the end of earth and colonization of the moon Europa. Has quite a good twist at the end with a feel good factor. All i am asking if you have a little bit of spare time to update the twitter accounts in role from basic training space programme style to in-flight updates and first steps of terraforming Europa. This can include everyday interactions on the human level. You will be given an email address from plus the log in details to the selected twitter account for you to update. You may place your own head shot on the account and alter details apart from what is already there. and you may change the design of the twitter account. So if you have a bit of spare time and a bit of imagination as regarding space, astronautics please get in touch, I am very sorry and can not pay money that is why i am asking for volunteers. And hope you get a good experience from this and your age has no consequence It is to spark ideas with interaction.


Rhea Dean Ekin, Female Age 20
Mechanical Engineer, Forensic Sciences

Dione Jennifer Ennos, Female Age 22
Nurse Practitioner, Computer Programmer

Eris Leslie Jowett, Male Age 20
Mathematician, Occupational Therapist

Janus Edward Ryan, Male Age 23
Human Resources Manager, Software Engineer

Genre: Action, Adventure, Experimental, Family, Sci-fi


Digital Infinity Generation

Time is Not Relevant

Time is Not Relevant

You can not see time you can not hold time every atom is it’s own time, to the greatest planets to there sub atomic particles that can not be measured and can only be guesses at.

The outdated theorize of time that are evolved from life cycles, time is omni linear of every expanding direct lines.

We are made of time and time is of everything to exist and existed in flowing omni cycles of omni linear time.

Time is not life it is not living it only exists in the mind of any given individual a complete matrix of unending layers bonded together by the force of matter in omni.

Time is only relevant to a body of movement all has omni direction and any given time is not relevant as the processes of time are never ending.

The fact that only gravity in omni linear forces the conjunction with matter and the cycles in there process form time that explained is omni.

The proposition is gravity forming and binding all in omni linear time should be measured with the force of gravity of any given subject and the forces the matter, mass bind together, the gravitational clock.

© Nicholas Leslie