Just a Note

Social networking Is plagued by fear and Is propagandize in anyone format be it conspiracy, governmental, health, faith. there is no one individual that can filter all this information and have a correct response.

We are all monitored each and one individuals there Is no secure internet so do not be misguided by security settings the internet Is open. Everything goes through cycles and we need to stop speculating and actually learn from our mistakes as the human race.

There will always be conflict even a simple argument on mundane matters is categorized as conflict there are no right or wrongs there is a need for a balance of minds to stop our basic thought patterns overtaking our world this world our Earth.

You cannot expect experimentation with anything to produce a result without errors be it human, animal or nature. the word stop has to come to force and the human species has to declare enough and go back to basics and evaluate what actually does work.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016