Dragons Bare

Sheer enveloping thoughts tearing flesh eating the soul binding the love within
bringing naked tears the fear told within the words our essence waste
seven year rebirth upon our planetary sphere to many years we loose to death

do not believe the darkness in your mind we leave on the greatness called faith
peace will be true be in happiness these days of emptiness in materialistic paths
call forth for me taken trees of blossom my heart in tears please no more

you will take humanity in endless emptiness logic to the conclusion we will die
tokens heartfelt wishes smiling at our graves wishing loneliness we never fall
reminiscing endless summer days freedom will call you to bare defense

I the last prophet say you to call your lord in forgiveness of blindness
no religion our self come to reality brothers sisters in your eyes clear gateways
can we should we no conclusion follows you in shadows of trees binding Earth
masters our fluid oxygen age following wings angels sing your dreams

ask the universe you are the seismic miracle waves in footsteps kiss me love me
find yourself never to return sailing ships on open blue dragons bare
fertility mother forgive the sin of the beasts roaming your atmosphere take them to stand we can be free.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015