Angel Kiss

Hold me tight feel the universe flow through my hands I care my dear
lost souls In pain share your soul I feel lost In the day take the night
I look for you In the stars the moon shines your face my angel kiss

born of fire cold fire lost to the winds that fade through the smiles
stay calm on sharing the bed of dreams open hearts together caresses
aligned souls talking our love far from our destination confirm your soul

wake the mind set forth waves In our time open the minds are you me
find your freedom In me awake sleeping beautiful chaos set free the chains
our mother calls time to wake forever cycles In time set as the sun

we are children In goodness loosing ways loosing the way creation
write your words surmount core fire we are cleansed In light
never say no flow your dreams reality takes us all be free.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 88516856 = 263/24 = 11