Hunting Wolves

Told me never green fields of fire there is no justice moving dimension coming clear empty minds judgements impulses of biological electricity never to level our neurones build light you are my heart my soul my body taken from the plain in hunting wolves repent we are our someone join spacial awareness nothing is true but you my love no to wounds.
You have broken my mind into nothing but impulse less no security flow you in karma gathering the watchers onward to the dawn clear flowing poppy’s reach for you tracing our vengeance to the valley charcoaled fingers from woman passing our gate questions no answer come to the fall humanity wake the Earth banished solar flare.

Nature flows our ways shine your pillars of confusion mind banished by the banshee forgotten horde the valley opens beneath the feet there is no freedom justice upon sterile soil seize time seize nature there is conclusion rainy scape in your mind fulling fabric of time the key unlocks the door no more in separation desperation climbing the walls as we fall.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015  captured from seconds of imagination speckles of light to make images in our own minds.

Injustice of Obscurity

To ever decreasing circles turned upon a fraction seeking love

missing the very part of my soul called no joy in the broken heart

stay another day from shadows of loneliness we can seek the dream


mistress of illusion bring salvation to me standing here broken pieces of mind

i watch you flower from nothing we will make it stronger all the way

no words to flow apprentice of vision take me now


feel the rage fear no evil be on the wings of freedom given life set it free

ride the clouds of fire powering your flag no reality soaring never to burn

open heart never quit your dream visions above the bounds of any realm


stepping out doors of nothing never to think a poet in motion whats my name

departing click click away with the words in motion whats the line stooping levels to faith

gripping insanity no colors in my flag bring it back mistress throned to the injustice of obscurity

your hair flowing the soft breeze voice of angels say no to confusion come to me in peace

  © Nicholas Leslie 2013  Injustice of Obscurity Poster