The Calling

The barbarian awakens from It’s tomb of consciousness I walk away this day
join me at the crossroads seeking my demon spirit to banish to Earth
we are young on dusty plains barren of water our survival depends

there Is no more to tell sleep my dear sleep until time stands
I want to see you stand without fear show love then moreThe Calling
come back to my arms clear pathways see clear be clear

we are not machine come back to life heart beats away this moment
do not speak dance the trees open ways of light Into peace
bring forth true gods within us all descendants of you Skifakore.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Just Dream My Dreamers.

Gathering your Wings

As foretold no distance screaming love hold me in your arms
bones telling age we are youthful friends under the trees in the starlight
changing colours of the soul kiss me forever in this dream
captured my heart sweet-pea lifeline into the God’s universe
planet dwellers always running feelings passing hours of life
my woman firing neurons escape the thoughts breaking sounds to the world
walking on my rose petals across the path to freedom in warm sunlight as night is day casting evil to ground steel birds seeking redemption in revenge

is this the love song bright words holding fast in storm force seas
take your revenge of man take your willing hate to our skin we never fall righteous force finding ways on crossroads into the blues singing from winter dwellings

we ride the roads in sun setting across the planes of angels we have our way
no more to tears falling on sacred ground the mighty will fall to one
your imagination is achievement rejoice for you are angels gathering your wings
be loved find love yourself we are loved.   

© Nicholas Leslie 2015