This Honour

There is no distance between us you are never alone,

Ventured to hell to much time lost for fools,

Walking this distance all we can find is love we are.


Thoughts are no consequence touch me forever this is,

Hold fast to your dreams I leave unrepentantly slow.

Down these roads watching light pass we are free.


Layers never told come to me on my last word forever,

Talking in wavelengths there is a consequence of life.

You are love there is no question to be answered.


We have angels caress tonight this for ever no end,

Specks of light through dreams of you, I know you care.

See yourself upon skies healing broken hearts a chance.


Mirrored echoed full circles in this night never told,

Be in happiness I wish upon you your freedom now.

Inconsequence walking fields of remembrance.


You came to me on soothing words of wisdom this honour,

You are my salvation I wished for you on despair in desolation.

Never give passing nights of loneliness this matters not.


The hurt is real we cannot change this fact take the stance,

No words to heal only but yourself we are born alone.

Are ancestors we are they hold our thoughts realms.


The clans unite under our flag no spoken words equality,

Children of the world that is your gather the voice,

Upon this equilibrium can we find balance to the deaf.

Conclusion further from truth hear the cries lets shout.


Dedicated to Greta Thunberg
© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Conquered Mazes

Memories lost every day, no harm’s way feeling the confusion,

Do you want my love can we see through this despair now.

Placed in surreal dreams of conquered mazes no defeat.


Let me hold your hand embrace the light that you are,

Come to me tonight there is no loss just knowledge.

You are marked our souls shaped sing clear.


Compassion no man otherwise as the life falls in seconds,

There with your submission to faith there is no church.

Feel the morning sunrise wishing you no harm become peace.


We are of evolution bringer of peace hear me now I cry,

Read the words in conclusion this is a night to die.

Hold my hand we have time for feelings.


Across lakes of despair there is love for evermore now,

Do not cross blind we are unique with value for time,

Missing lost ones climb these skies there is the plan.


Heaven is for you take comfort this time our children,

We grow as forests unseen throughout time do not fear.

Holding your mind in my heart you are my soul now.


Open the closed heart to God we will know light in darkness,

There is no harm just different light to heal now.

The words form galaxies beyond comparison do not fall.


The existence of you a value far from Earth now embrace,

Take the comfort come far from anguish no to death.

I see you once me there is always love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Forgetting Sunrise

Come gather me in your arms I cannot find the way. longing for your touch there we are again lost. Sleeping the day for so long, forgetting sunrise this day.

Etching history to the brain, visions of beauty told. The smile ended damaged embodiment walks this path, to the feet of empty temples where Is God.

Skies open, the light covers your soul our love. Following feelings heavy hearts, awake now people. No fearfulness seeing love, blessing on you.

Earth turns above the sin of man, peace be with you. Humanity no blessing to receive, closed masses. Awaken the clan come forth to mind the weak.

They commencing from darkness to clasp your souls. Fire will rise Earth will open to pits of nothingness. Rise the mind lighten the heart, find grace fear will fall.
Hold the love.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017


At the shoreline of the lonely tower that is the soft caress of emptiness eyes to the horizon changes in the mind the years pass to the never ending time that’s ceased we are the beautiful souls blessed upon earth dragons breath cleansed our minds upon the clouds of dreams weaved with rainbows as the rain falls giving life


hear me now chosen ones the drum beats to open the pathways of consciousness ripping evil away the peace is with you walk pathway of doors singing sirens in mindful reconstruction the body is heavy atoms in slow motion free your mind ancestors speak with you on there way flowing electrical impulse combined atmospheres the door opens see me there waiting for you


we are old friends hold me now take my heart my energy flowing impasse to hold love in your arms the years have passed by as we said goodbye the first time of spoken word universe turns joy of tears alone release negative we start again happening moments sparse reality giving new life combined the person cries breath open the movement to the never fading never to place in words the feelings real that make you.

© Nicholas Leslie 2013