It just wont do cease from hiding be In pride of who you are, freedom Is calling you sun setting on history falling flags of injustice In profit of the few barren souls, dance your days away fly your colors hearing sounds

In the dimension our conscience remember days our days fallen to history potential bringing forth our tears shadows standing street corners following desegregate of justice call out for your God now.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #If I was not me I would be you and If you were not you I’d be me.

The Lie

You know everything my dear complex regain elements of fear see clear see me feel me kiss me burnt wings fallen atmospheres alien masters recall species to justice we are the light robotics minds torn free the mind free your soul don’t ever come down placed upon star shine the lie in our freedom condemns we never forget our conquered worlds.

Come to me in love this is no world killing us freely taken souls of the dammed historic enteritis eighty circles in miscalculated poisoned thoughts brake free your daisy chains of sunlight we coarse from elements of dead stars reach for love build your race hear resilience star sound be alive be alive never earth burn sequence you sold waves lifting life.

Six points below zero calms the soul taken from death were born to feel in the answer become quickly be with me my friend lost to dark nights of depression be strong we come for together basic in basic needs of comfort grow your mind never blind nature clears atmospheres seeking the new dimension I forget your name.

We in death conspiracy falling alters nature dark matter ripped our minds sensitive truth give up your life give climb with love severity casting down of cold hail storms lighting strike dark cloud protect we have heart take my friends we cast difference we are love complete placed on thrones in silence blood flows our veins keeping alive Omni sequenced we came to die to fly pathways in eternity cycles in light our lord showed the way.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 life emits energy physical

events are energy we are energy omni is energy


Found you in my arms formidable feelings of desire no coincidence you fall away in raptures of emotions no expression of feeling standing as the flower before as I am on my knees walking the street after the wanted  the rain catches my essence slow to draw conclusions the path ends the pain ends.

I held you in my heart find you in the music of love was cold you warmed my very soul the never ending story of mistake I am the fool lost you to time and mind to recapture feelings I find myself empty I need you to hold me once more taken to the light forgiveness and the words flow to like the river but no words to be spoken anger at myself of the doubt but is it true I love you more.

You scars given don’t be inflicting years of years of torment to the hate you love me gift to the sight taken to the floor  found the door cry freedom cry freedom finding peace solitude where cry freedom wear your chains of fear find me in the trees of the years surpassed  no sound the breeze soft gentle sun caressed skin burning find me there freedom of the birds digging the ground to find the stones to find the beneath so to clime to the heavens.
Surrounding Elements

Fury eyes torn do you know you are born starved hungry for love a many heart broken  the wake of your beauty no simple terms to question the reality slipped in to the warm  covers of your wings take me to heaven and never let me fall reached forever enlightened.

Wind blown hair eyes of crystal blue makes me wonder six hours to honesty travelled the road that is cold wish to sit close to the fire and take to the arms of warmth see you laugh see you cry this is me time lost to innocence keep me alive keep me to your heart a wish for better days was that lost when the rain washed my body summer fresh warm how I could see you there.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 As The Pain Nights of Passion Your Scars

Enlightened My Day Dream

Karma Resurrection

You have been called heaven waits grasping death no more lonely nights
you are not here far from memory’s clear waters flow in your name
sailing solar winds freedom rises your spirit the pipers tune softens
the pain

steady steps flames dance the ashes of faith look forward to rise
holding your angels hand never ending skies in complete knowledge
feeling purity dancing star light understand we are forever free in love

racing thoughts death takes us all the reaper befriends in care we pass
truth believe in ourselves commended to pathways of justice let go
tearing away confusion the way we find righteousness with our gods

leaving feelings fear no more near to the sound of hearts beating for
the universe holding fast binding our cosmos with light as atoms collided heaven sent you will never suffer human form pain again as discovering complete love

© Nicholas Leslie 2015

Fly with Eagles

Innuendos in the magical sphere giving clear waters take my freedom no more
going to open the door never say goodbye hello i cry your name
building walls that surround the fear from within

time machine falters mind edges to close today sun will shine
sounds of freedom savorier forgive me soul darkens in the shadows of regret
take my memory’s ripped from feelings cast upon the ground and sail on

on the bed of dreams taken fully to essence of understanding
gripping on to edge of fire lies you birth from fear
taken away i reap my mind on the bed of history

escape to driving highways take my steel dam your lies
understand love if you do not now seek redemption upon cold steel
run the day light across atmospheres of sight who are you

break free the soul fly with eagles never wish upon the dawn
prisoner no more to tears inwards nothing that i desire
do not wish to be the fool for demons prey of desperation no more.

© Nicholas Clarke 2010


Planting the weeping willow for my tree as the full moon rises across the night skies essence of love clearer understanding thrive in the minds of rainbow children

casting lines to the stars with no promises before time long forgotten catching wind in our sails as the sun rises to lands never seen

calling for you from the north meeting the west winds Earth dances embrace I fall at your feet my love we keep going never to say goodbye

no longer casting shadows the drums beat to the new day nevermore fear returning to singing angels along the charted ways under sails of freedom

you are my soul as the rain dances cleansing emotions run our minds visualize the summer breeze the sound of trees laying together in fields of understanding.

© Nicholas Leslie 2014