Mind empty mind feeling the loneliness of existence unique you are the one no open hearts sun rise cold mist dewdrops care the thought cycles within cycles of life see with your eyes if only I could hold you for the last time as our souls rise to meet our source of eternity.

Forever lost to mother Earth to the bleached bones injustice makes her way unbalanced I need you now my friend seek memory’s of years that pass at our feet open wounds my God where are you now forgotten pathways humanity is lost on dark roads.

No rhythm no rhyme the words praises be with you on this day in light surpassed
we feel in pain mortality casting no shadows of the swords deep wounds open
in life our heaven forgive me shouting your name across the lands of war.Fallen

I write to you my offerings in a broken mind forgive hatred uneducated seas take the fight open the doors for the freedom in this species cleanse our body’s take to heart flowing blood of innocence this nether ways not in light stop.

Come with me tonight falling from the stars in consequence wake your minds
I hold you tight warmth your voice as the wick is ended we are no more
goodbye willing with missing your heart warmth I call you friend.


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 The Middle #Neurotransmitter of Imagination
#Nucleolus 12 Months in 2 Minuets & 45 Seconds.


Heat between you and me no angels sins melted oxygen

tearing at the fabric of life wonderful desire sleeping moments of time fear me

life is cruel passing equinox falling from universes of pointlessness this is no secret


in shadows at night love falls at your door ripping light from your heart no more

we came from the skies falling comets of fire never ending revolutions in sound quietness

understand we are one the interstice we are one blind without knowledge


the end of the world no sound come to me on the wind in the east we lost our way

length of zero parting the seven seas islands rise in the clouds no true predation

the days are long sun blazed lighting ways of true peace silence in sleep


a bed of doors camp fires blaze cold intoxicating darkness as moonlight shines your eyes

time to part clear blue skies in the mind of the fragile open roads roar don’t believe history

blind to sorrow slow the heart beat breathe a new around its axis of your very soul

open your eyes seasons overcome to the last movement of time we are at the true end my friend.



© Nicholas Leslie 2013