In Notes

All these corporate shops mention no names all declare they wish the best for there customers. If this is the case why do they continue to sell tobacco products.Tobacco is very big business and an evil cycle of death and harm the Tax revenue In the UK from tobacco in 2012/13 amounted to £12.3 billion – £9.7 billion in excise duty plus £2.6 billion in VAT. So why would the British government give a total all out ban of sales It is more interested of balancing the books of the NHS where all UK citizens are just numbers in the governments finances. 

I am a smoker from an age where it was deemed reasonable to smoke even in enclosed spaces and as we know now this is very harmful I have a complete negative complex about smoking around other people I just try and not do this. I started smoking from the age of sixteen and wish I never started I have tried all ways to give up but no success even the medication could not help me as it sent me into a deep depression and suicidal. You see I am an emotional and addicted tobacco smoker there should not be a choice to buy this product there should be an all out global ban and stop the profit from death.  


© Nicholas Leslie 2015