I hear you screaming inside trapped consequence of misfortune silk ribbons wrapped mind the darker side life to close scenarios dark matter folding out of time my dear that's clear 
 bonded the wild heart rise from despair find love 
 find your love not far from my eyes closer come closer
 tension rise In human form sanctify the rising Sun

landscapes In tundra the tundratears give life to conclusion this Is no ending turn and face the heavens my friends this Is our souls a heart for clear thought join the clan In nature on the edge of existence not one god but time we have fallen often to insanity human us all at no normality.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

Dear Government’s




Dear Government’s We are human beings in humanity we are not health care numbers or numbers in government business plans you always give and then take back in taxes all this with fiat money.

Until you take back control from world banks there will always be disputes capitalism will always demand world wars to balance government finances.

© Nicholas Clarke 2015