To hold this healing touch do not discriminate we are human,

Can we say this with love calmness of your words open to reach.

I conquer the daylight of the memory’s hold dear with me.


Our polluted minds seeking answers for your future I pass away,

You will be free one day I controlled to the death of no oxygen.

Words fall short of any meaning as you agree without reading.


Do not waste your love on this prism no answers tonight,

Walking streets these streets with no name upon till family.

Passed this twilight my honour I lived clear times my farther.


I have lived there is less time to explain this day of angels,

In a flash of sunlight less this moment I remember your love.

Hardship we have suffered no consequence a deterioration of words.


Your closed doors are burnt highways to this love cannot you see,

Do deserve more I see you sleeping this day as they command.

Insecurities fall short of this reality as you awake today.


I love you these are chosen words for you I see you,

Heal with me across highways of sound this electricity.

Do not fall you are of whole magical miracle as you are.


Can I hold you in my mind for a short while can you feel it,

You are not alone this suffering climb these mountains.

The foothills are endless recognise the rain fresh life again.


Achieve awake so no to despair follow the light in your eyes,

This age take hope I see you suffering I call your name now,

We are but children of God this is freedom leave the shadows now.


Create this world around you in consequence of age this will not be long,

The first love to change the world this endless do you care can we.

The saddest words are endless this is not me impossible to find.


Clear the mind do we have answers what is the question tonight,

Following endless names there is no answers calm yourself.

This loss is no more grasping words from heaven we can fly.


Take the hand of love we do not need companions in this fight,

We can love as yourself recognise you are with love say no to loneliness.

Place the words these are freedom you know your own love.


On the crests of Eagles rise this new morning to these lost words,

Pain is real these days in austerity do not put down these people.

We are one believe just throwing solar again understand.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented



Vision of you, I have wings I will not save you. Answers my queen I have a goddess upon me. Confusion In your eyes at the bridge of summer days.

My heart torn from my chest upon days of freedom. Never seek love my angel stars will shine galaxy's collide. countdown to the epiphany, epiphania sheer light.

I love you to these days of the spiraling torment, humanity none. Placed to the floor please run for the door open mind. Were never to far farther beating the innocence from us.

I see mountains climb In the skies eternity thunder at our feat. Look closer come closer gaze upon tormented eyes I am you. Shame to history's fallen comes forth your words In damnation.

The horizon calls to you death In the absence of hope. Anobaith were calling out In silence were are not here. Let me think of you dancing reflections upon the ocean.

The story will be told sitting hands clasped contact ground. Talk to me just talk I have no words to conclude, My people let go thunder the sky reconstruct history our way.

Raining death on the innocent justify the weak no more. Hold out your hands help, hold out your hands peace. Clasp tight love hold tight love be love In yourself.

Distilled from our God's son we achieve the mind find. Plain words to embrace this angel can say no more fallen. Embers of our lost souls on shores of light washed ocean waves.

Back from the lost proclaimer, proffwyd rain fire simplicity. There Is no forgiveness no redemption grasp the rain tightly. Telling told hear the drums beat lower than serenity.

The pain subsides to trimerous the three angels within. climax there are changes for humanity we change. Shout your freedom now.
© Nicholas Leslie 2017

Be Free

With nothing I came to you in the shadow of war endless war
pierced through the mind scream for your freedom chains hold
golden sun rays scorch your eyes you will never see incendiary Gods
given you today they give to receive for death upon humanity

the children die untouched from skies of rain water flowing blood
we all pass this day never-ending circles of hate greed inhuman barren men
Death watches over me whispering your names we pray no suffering

our fathers bones come to dust killers the barbarians telling lies
there was no love we see nations crumble ripping light from our hearts
from the sky passing by In your mistake never seeing comfort comes

rise the new day our universe comes home to nurture our spirits
you feel no singularity can make you see closed minds In pain
tortured thinking you have no feelings ripped inside out give your love

slowly walk with me In no direction In God’s way never-ending point truth
enter doors of light take the swords of salvation cast evil to death no return
crimson butterfly’s carry our hope delicate vanishing In lightning light

your hope fades to darkness no end dark matter holds us tight but then
shadows hear Earth cry we can see shards angels In stones of peace
let me heal you grasp thoughts make yourself see then act upon your soul.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #Skifakore



Selling salvation keys of control of humanity In fear we have forgotten our Mother. 

© Nicholas Leslie 2016 There is no such thing as a fish.

Stop the Pollution


Worlds mind polluted your neurons interconnected of God’s petrology we are stone forged with love system failures never are no more as we are evolution face your sphere blossomed we have love the greater universe our woman enlighten miracles open there eyes.

Tell the story’s evaporated in time confusion rained blood of man white light brings freedom shadows that will be cast in illusion conception were second born there is no sin this is evolution from darkness of the boles in Earth our trees must grow given oxygen.

Our body’s polluted in God’s great expanse cast your shadow to the five mile horizon take your life to love live in nothing of words grasp your family never ending peace time is no friend as we turn to ashes freedom we have futures spire forth breaking skies.  STA70916

We talk in our love on the longest days sunshine passes us by the tree of life my virgin ground never say goodbye that is not our world expanse thoughts why are we not free faith confusion set your thoughts free take falling down grasp your happiness evolve this mind we are humanity with answers take happiness.

We are love you are love feed minds eye in open sourced creation on question everything we are not what we believe past the hours in millenniums find your soul today stop the pollution open your mind.


© Nicholas Clarke 2015 we belong to the stars gentle
honesty of light at the beautiful chorus of warmth. 

Hunting Wolves

Told me never green fields of fire there is no justice moving dimension coming clear empty minds judgements impulses of biological electricity never to level our neurones build light you are my heart my soul my body taken from the plain in hunting wolves repent we are our someone join spacial awareness nothing is true but you my love no to wounds.
You have broken my mind into nothing but impulse less no security flow you in karma gathering the watchers onward to the dawn clear flowing poppy’s reach for you tracing our vengeance to the valley charcoaled fingers from woman passing our gate questions no answer come to the fall humanity wake the Earth banished solar flare.

Nature flows our ways shine your pillars of confusion mind banished by the banshee forgotten horde the valley opens beneath the feet there is no freedom justice upon sterile soil seize time seize nature there is conclusion rainy scape in your mind fulling fabric of time the key unlocks the door no more in separation desperation climbing the walls as we fall.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015  captured from seconds of imagination speckles of light to make images in our own minds.


You have taken my mind I gave unconditional feelings encased in steel roads rise to the clouds eternity has no time seeking peace worlds collide you are my sister you are my brother before us lays the abyss hardened emotions follow every step as heartbeats close the child’s dream ends as reality closes

your Roman eyes this lesson needs learnt to the God’s forth as no universe our collided souls suddenly at the gates smouldering ashes in ancestry never to awaken for evermore crying angels shedding waters to birth mighty rivers on awakening mountains our empty space evolved consciousness
we have empathy say what you have to hear rain cleanses the soul night falls on us all creation the lie

In the eyes of the masters colliding realms in fusion in rebirth pierced through the heart taking pace with the fallen sowing seeds on moonlight
giving life to the fields of the dead winter comes tired to the core saying no more, no more shelter of mothers arms we in spheres centred minds   
feelings forward from sparking the imagination be free truly free the waters will carry our souls bound for Valhalla in this cold heart of war
creeping slowly from behind grasping the fallen hearts we are no more spirit I left forever passing clouds take us in shadows
the first step never the end I will give you heaven in my hands never forget humanity who has passed before with you running out of time
exploitation in weak minds cast away the shadows banish them turn on yourself we are one in each and everyone’s eyes
revolution skies burn the mind injustice governments will fall upon open feelings we must love to the end you will not drown in freedom

the spirit will rise guiding in the light our justice wondering years seeing fires rise the ruins of religions our earth soil we are mankind take God to bare
electricity flows lightning strikes atoms rip time rise care angels will never forgive we are to the end planetary conquered flowing rivers our blood
Christ taken to task immorality strike down hate the sword shredding darkness to peace we have these words to say

© Nicholas Leslie 2015, Silence in worlds of consciousness
gathering our minds collecting selecting
we combine to force peace
burning fires the retreat of the beast
revisiting our history no care
daily metamorphosis clear of you.

The System


The system is ordered to keep working people working to fuel the governmental.
Our working force is kept in-line by a monetary processes this system is collapsing unsustainable in long term civilizations new processes need to be found.

A system needs to be brought forward for all civilians of every nationality and nation where wealth is allocated equally in all groups of people of any country
They do not pay for materialistic with money It’s paid with hours of the workers life We must value these people even more that’s everyone no matter what circumstances. The global economy should be more tight knitted for the better of these people of the global work force.

What is needed is a greater sharing of wealth it should not be about profit it should be for the people. This could work especially with corporations to spread profits more evenly even to the lowest paid worker even if this person is not even in the same country they should be treated equally, percentages should be divided of any profit with all workers this will lead to better circulation of wealth stabilizing country’s economical problems in the process.

As I see the way forward is wages and profit percentages equality for all global workers and family’s, highly funded education programmes for everyone no matter there nationality or country also highly funded research programmes in all fields of science.
To sum up we need our governments to appreciate humanity and not see real people as business plans and numbers.

Peace Be With You. xox