Cities in the Skies

We are going to cities in the skies the minds eye soaring freedom I see you there wings of steel  envy at the afterburner glow shaking the ground at the speed of sound encapsulated far from earth an age sitting on the edge of darkness you are in the motion of rebirth to the world awake to the sunset no heavy task slow motion as the fire dances nerves of steel bring you home

to the race that never sleeps hear is the sound of shattered glass this bullet proof feel surround
unquenched thirst forced me there open arms gathered kiss of natural exchange exchanged off world to the bold the night enlighten me feelings to the unknown just to love me hardship on the part your emotions the wall lighting the way mist of universes vaporise at your feet keep keep me don’t cry

I found you at the fall taken of splinters withdraw your dagger warm foreverness as we lay together bonded souls taken from the dark the moon shines in your eyes as the tear floods of joy we are one I was only dreaming found you in the light quenched thirst salvation from the far side howling sun bright mind snapping tethers I see you there lifted beauty form glistening

fact will not loose legends of the flag friends are like tear drops in the ocean and I am but a grain of sand I pay but really can you hear me know yourself know me you will never understand force enforced forced revelations make the day make you think make you smile given to in power of feelings unbound yes I repeat myself I am found never I will find you here we are again  wondering what hell have you seen fire of demons dancing take your apparatus and breath rescue through walls this is no emotion you are demons with wings earth bound I swear legends of the flag don’t you dare bow we are grains of sand freedom hell saviours we are one you shall not burn.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 We are going to cities in the skies
legends of the flag envy at the afterburner glow
freedom hell saviours we are one you shall not burn.