Endure, leighis

The devil is on you survive we endure fractions of these times,

Rising this light rest tonight shadows fall away sleep the night.

Walking the songs of angels follow you in this world.


Say hello to creation echoes who we are there never sure,

Emotions grasp clear you can cry now no shame.

You cannot name the one great expanses of open hearts,


We came to pass by named you destruction to end of days,

Save yourselves late the day upon humanity no peace.

Knowledge the healing forgotten recapture the lost.


Great skies the darkness falls to the lungs the child you are,

She cries the son has passed eternity beckons, summon kindred.

We are of the land poisoned of ignorance contaminated.


Inner peace forgotten bear the thoughts of harm to cast away,

Leaving atoms casting growth let the trees grow now.

Injustice the currency of mankind creation cries.


Event of landscapes become clear taking souls retribution,

The wolf hunts this day in spirit no light upon mountains of bones.

Loosing endless forests, the year approaching to wake.


The light falls upon you no more against Godless minds in blue light,

Sound the horns of the end of days we rebirth tomorrow upon the sun.

Awake now this universe to rebirth as this is a new day on Earth.


Control has lost you to insanity systematic culling the people their words,

Loosing the way of the clans Ordovices take this way again no to war.

Lands of the birth the blood is true may the righteous rise,

Bring this to our fathers’ forgiveness in no contempt.


We say these words read conception can we forgive man.

Cast away the doubt and pain we go forth to death clean,

Our mothers hold fast the dreams communicate justice.


Without the cold will grasp your bones sacrifices lost to you,

These influences of power decay decline the mind.

Talk peace on the hour we are the nations to become.


We are a different language this common ground flowing,

Once of greatness set a sail the ships of war, we come to you.

Our refugees no passage taken to drowning inhumanity.


This is clear primeval minds in despair this fact in writings of God,

Casting comets as the warnings reset the floods of fire,

We lost at no age heaven makes no mistakes.


Take comfort as you the chosen one to bare our children,

The horizons are ours to cry this only time dear one.

Clear this mind circumference no more time to say I love you.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry, Fragmented


Rebecca In The Fear Of The Night

Chains of first love across miles closeness falls taken innocence as a Butterfly drowning upon droplets of water lost in your sunshine experiences the feelings of wakening hearts as you called on conscious minds clear ways to find you grasped my heart all consumed on the soft bed consumed falling no reasons

the time was not for us but draw of memory’s of conquered souls lost in motions body’s of forgiveness this will live forever let go into the cosmos as I forgive you my dear lost soul forgive the seeds upon the fires mountains of confessions soulless species we came to find

we found our nature no more to the darkness in your mind open your heart to love my friend flying flags of justice wiping away shear pain we are human unbelievers transverse thoughts to the last we have you freedom in your eyes closed upon the death as mountains will disappear to shores of peace

Remember <*-%/.=+>

collecting selecting we combine to force peace burning fires on retreat of the beast revisiting our history to care daily metamorphosis clear of you is death oblivion
power in asking questions forgive the seeding of fires for future generations never to ask how are you never the last sorrow in the setting sun we loved.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 👪