Encapsulated from this ground lands to shore you gave more.

Heavy horses ride the ways to these skies no darkness.

Come from your knees there is daylight today forevermore.

The body falls to dust called freedom this is heaven.


Remembering your power holding fast these long days.

Traveling through your pain cast it away euphoric ideas.

Gained life never to be mistaken thankfulness key.


I see you angel’s warmth on cold winters senses pass.

These writers’ tears will not be forgotten engraved to the mind.

Kindred all people can we surpass the fear never lost.


Visiting spirits communication this of the living I hold you.

Ride your electricity onuses give away you are welcome.

Leave with love we are alone existence universe sent.


Reach out hold your heart this precious time.

The chorus calls this distance never broken steel.

Give all see everything dear ones open your heart.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII

Stop the Pollution


Worlds mind polluted your neurons interconnected of God’s petrology we are stone forged with love system failures never are no more as we are evolution face your sphere blossomed we have love the greater universe our woman enlighten miracles open there eyes.

Tell the story’s evaporated in time confusion rained blood of man white light brings freedom shadows that will be cast in illusion conception were second born there is no sin this is evolution from darkness of the boles in Earth our trees must grow given oxygen.

Our body’s polluted in God’s great expanse cast your shadow to the five mile horizon take your life to love live in nothing of words grasp your family never ending peace time is no friend as we turn to ashes freedom we have futures spire forth breaking skies.  STA70916

We talk in our love on the longest days sunshine passes us by the tree of life my virgin ground never say goodbye that is not our world expanse thoughts why are we not free faith confusion set your thoughts free take falling down grasp your happiness evolve this mind we are humanity with answers take happiness.

We are love you are love feed minds eye in open sourced creation on question everything we are not what we believe past the hours in millenniums find your soul today stop the pollution open your mind.


© Nicholas Clarke 2015 we belong to the stars gentle
honesty of light at the beautiful chorus of warmth.