Chains Tight

Eagles with us across sunrise all your life be with me tonight are we foolish
forgiveness of history see happiness In your eyes first thought my world
never paradise foretold the seller of souls came among you all sure to cobalt blue

love the strength in this millennium grasp our time for there’s forever more
I will tell you for the lost day to day toil never seen sheer skies always in pain
take us through the waters clear crisp touched by sun light we can see wake now children

I light fires of neurons for clear minds look to the mirrors we can be who we can be you are the impact you miracle see me see reflection of your perfection no darkness they sell words never told take your minds for profit we can breach the chains tight resume

as said open your mind never advice taken find your own falling to fate
karma will have It’s way take everything away from thoughts to peace we are war when we were children we knew you time erases clarity of our universe mother were lost

Come find me at solace teething neutrons breaking the way to our world they come to save man made imagination there guardians teach our belief opening dimension power to you miracles we are all miracle one flesh and bones to learn stand fast open to guidance.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Art Is Imagination and Thinking with your Body
the Interpreter for the #Artist. 

Wishing on The Stars

Drink my love on ice cold core sharpened ragged edges lottery of life we are off this planet smooth flowing melted skin bonded in blackness no name second born we have nothing here cotton soft thoughts race the mind be so happy your never blind summer nights become

tasting nectar life giving forms of nature walk awhile on this rocky shore always clouded mists of dawn seconds into fulfillment the waves break rejoicing sounds in chaos come to me slowly we have the reaction that could change the world believe more

we are never alone heroes fall to death wishing on the stars I will love you eternity
no voice no sound keeping warm friction flows overpowering thoughts in our destruction precious life we are miracles each indefinable individual seek freedom see yourself

rise hear the words of the righteous never finding there souls power cold freezing hearts
carry my love with you we are the universe thoughts conquered take back my heart it is yours history gives lies of memory’s turning circles of faith begone senseless nature of the beast we belong to the stars gentle honesty of light at the beautiful chorus of warmth. 

  © Nicholas Leslie 2015