Deep waters sounds waver spheres of light lead to me. Rip tides take you, find another day our way. Scarred souls never to see the light In darkness.
Grow your faith yourself, claim our night. these walls are castles In midnight of the hour. Take your flight holding you are fast In stone.
Believe your screams ripping the mind In all you do. Seasons will come and go for love no one like you. Cleansing evolving nature Is cruel this Is belief. 
A open heart will never fail our Angels hold tight. Talk to the stars listen freely grasp life. Taking you to universe our damaged minds.
Hold fast In love until death answers. Strength In knowledge remember who you are. The moon passes by, just In moments of peace.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVII

Upon Daisy Fields

Stop see this reality oceans passing your way take no words from me
borrowed time encircled the minds unenlightened souls lost in cycles
no truth beholden pathways crossed for moments of history there will be
bleeding minds ourselves today is never passed dimension clasp hold

explore your soul are we there tomorrow millennium dreams dripping
keep faith keep your faith passing on words of sorrow walking your way
steady fast tight grip on my heart slowing to silence in thought
shall I knock your door flight through nimbus clouds our nature

Snow moon
we are the same my dear sweetheart forever lost in day dreams I can name the name told in circles of anger we are at the ground falling behind taking the junction firing neurons escaping in our love upon daisy fields

carry you to castles of mist colours bleed eyes open to love our God heed the this moment that Is lost our destruction never to end immortality fading in your arms kiss me for the last time we leave time.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #SharingMemorys

Holding Light

Eyes wide of beauty seeing the soul the forgiven love striding mountains of faith
love are the words never told of no knowledge in ignorance the thought never holding light

binding natural forces redevelop our hearts gravity in motion our moments driving dreams
our cosmos feeling unite paralleled existence our human state we are what we are

say cease to darkness hold your mind open to mother we are born
expanding light traveled to meet together our existence you are more than life

care humanity spiraling backwards holding death fury sold to many souls to prophets
the endless night will become orbiting feeling our brothers and sisters pass to injustice
this just to say I need you in this world.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015