Bring Tomorrow

I want you here with me share the love missing pieces of my heart,

In the life poetic I share thoughts in darkness grasping for the light.

We see your pain grasping take it away I will talk to you cry with you.


A cut flower dies a slow death screaming for mercy are we life,

On this cross-no thorn to beckon light we forgive return the light.

I kill myself on the days in nothingness that gives life upon.


To history we travel the bank-side of words this is the secret,

Walking pathways of change call yourself you are love.

Lost mothers watch over you we are at peace tonight.


Memory’s that are never told this justifies the song of man,

Women your angelic many forms learning from our birth.

Carried with fastness my dripping blood across pathways.


Can you see we can eclipse hate and fear tell the tails,

Severance paying the fair times you are in my heart.

Reach for your light seeing you in despair bring tomorrow.


Fear takes you come back to me this softness grasping thoughts,

Hawk fly’s across midnight once more can we help this suffering.

I have seen this dark night chased by death do not fear.


Human across this atmosphere be free.





© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry




Colliding Minds

The mind is at war empty my mind seekers of light we fall to hell to rebirth in knowledge of the universe alone. We walk pathways of dimensional energy we have seen broken lemenscate

freedom for dark matter to claim our souls colliding minds, dark minds bring death destruction will come to us all.




© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #Look at your soul washed
taking the dreams in values my tears wash the stones.

No Other Words

Dropping flight of heaven resurrection flowing blood our hearts combined silent angels cry our souls excavating threads of the mind vaporization memory’s come and go you are my love light of the stars bound by God we are never to say goodbye colliding with moon beams turning hate to stone finding our way across these skies names of enchantments that have no meaning all wish to live

freedom forgets one by one fallen the devil of no sins there is nothing to loosing anarchy of March falls before us all none righteous spirits are eternity no communication lost to the spiraling vortex of mother Earth me me are nothing without you open minds endless days end of days end of seasons End of time, D.I.G
we will meet and find love in our hearts point to point existence through neurons of mind in our falling your name forever come to me on the breeze of spring open mind never to touch upon the face given souls to dream resurrect humanity upon finding peace my heart ripped to the universe in passing galaxy’s sharp sounds in to emptiness

state mentality for gaze the mind upon finding shards glass upon laceration we are innocence no polarize focused fears eyes wide to the dawn our forefathers will pass this day thirty six millennium of falling rose petals reach out take my hand we are the dragon soul reapers no faint heart seal pathways of injustice upon this Earth open minds reaping from the dead freedom calls you to see there are no other words feel the love accept the love we are love.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015